YouTube: Neighbors confront a snake to save a stray cat

The shocking moment, which occurred in the Thai province of Tak, was recorded by a camera installed in a car

YouTube: Neighbors face a snake to save a stray cat. Photo: Capture

In Thailand’s Tak province, residents saved a stray cat that was attacked by a snake about 2.5 meters long. The video of the event became viral in YouTube and other social networks.

The video, recorded by a car camera and released by thai media, captured the moment in which the feline had been caught by a snake in the middle of a road.

Upon witnessing the event, a group of residents went to help the feline. One of them kicked the python. Eventually, the snake released the cat and fled when several locals began beating it with sticks and metal bars.

The cat then ran in the opposite direction, after a few seconds of lethargy.

As reported Daily Mail, the snake was captured by a local rescue company and released into a natural environment.


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