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The against evidenced several stories of people who go to great lengths to get immunized. In Mexico, the case of Javier Alejandro García is viral, a boy of only 10 years old who on March 13 did everything in his power to take his great-grandfather Victorio to the vaccination center in Oaxaca. It will break your heart.

Javier took his great-grandfather to the San Isidro Monjas district, in the city of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán. The older adult suffer from thrombocytopenic purpura, a disease that causes the immune system to mistakenly attack platelets and that makes it unable to move normally.

The disease has made Javier’s grandfather suffer from pain when walking for years. Therefore, it was a difficult mission to travel from his home to the vaccination center. However, Javier managed: put him in a baby carriage and pushed him through the steep, cobbled streets of Oaxaca.

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The story was known thanks to the mexican media, who on YouTube shared the story of how the boy took his grandfather to get vaccinated. “In an old baby stroller enabled as a wheelchair, a boy of no more than 11 years took his grandfather to vaccinate”they reported.

“The buffers were very heavy for me, because my grandfather almost fell off one of them. Well I did my best and raised the stroller, I raised it with all my mightIt didn’t matter that my blood came out, whatever it was, I love my grandfather very much. I lift the stroller and I push it “, narrated the little Javier Alejandro.

The difficult transfer was made to Javier in the company of his younger brother, without the help of any adult. When he got to the center, some policemen helped him. The story went viral in such a way that the local authorities donated a chair wheeled the elderly and enrolled them in a welfare program.


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