Yulia Efimova on whether she will swim 200 m in Tokyo 2020 if she is offered: “Depends on what the conditions will be and how it will be said” – Water species

Six-time World Swimming Champion Yulia Efimova said she did not know if she would agree to swim the 200m breaststroke in Tokyo 2020 if she was offered.

The athlete did not qualify for the team at this distance, losing to Evgenia Chikunova and Maria Temnikova.

“No such word is impossible, I don’t want to have a word. I do not know on what terms … It depends on what the conditions will be and how it will be said, ”Efimova said.

The swimmer also shared her impressions of the cardboard beds in the Olympic village.

“They look less durable than they are because I have already slept one night and everything is fine. Before the flight, I saw what was shown about these beds, that they are made of cardboard.

But when I arrived, I immediately flopped down and thought that I needed to be a little more careful, ”Efimova said on Match TV.

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Antisex beds made of cardboard, a menu for 700 dishes, alcohol is allowed, but only alone in the room – this is how the Olympic village of Tokyo is arranged

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