Yuri, captivating dive into childhood memories

Credit: Potter Angel

TEST – Available on Nintendo Switch (12,49 €) and iOs (6,99 €)

Before crossing obstacles, falls occur. A descent into the hidden memories of childhood: the buzzing of insects, the croaking of toads, the mewing of a cat; but also the wind that rushes into the forest, licking the thin leaves of grass and the feet of mushrooms.

It is this bucolic sound and visual universe – which oscillates between the beautiful and the disturbing – that Yuri must cross, standing on his bed with wheels. Then begins a platform game that lets go of the player. The organic atmosphere of the game arouses curiosity and invites exploration.

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If it is possible to reach the end of the level fast enough at a high speed, Yuri appreciates much more when you take the time to see what is behind a grove, a fern. Secret passages, scattered here and there, contain many surprises that are worth seeing; as when we like to indulge in childhood memories and come back to our minds that smell that is so dear to us, this lost sound that resonates again.

Yuri is the result of 6 years of work by the brothers Poter, Aurélien and Ange, who had the great idea to transcribe in this poetic game part of their childhood. Yuri is inspired by an old family house in Brittany where they spent the holidays, explain the authors. Around this house reigned "A wild and lush nature" that they reproduced beautifully.

Patxi Berhouet

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