Yuvraj was expected to captain the team in the 2007 T20 World Cup

Mohali: The first T20 World Cup in 2007 marked the beginning of a new era in Indian cricket. Tournament that saw the rise of Captain Cool as MS Dhoni. After being knocked out in the first round of the ODI World Cup that year, senior players Tendulkar, Gam Gully and Dravid were left out as part of a generational change, while Dhoni returned to the World Cup with a relatively young squad. After that, India did not have to worry about another captain to succeed Dravid.

It was not only Dhoni’s World Cup, it was Yuvraj’s. It was also the World Cup where Yuvraj made history by beating England’s Stuart Broad with six sixes off six balls. Yuvraj Singh has now revealed that he was expected to be the senior in the group when the senior players left.

The loss in the first round of the ODI World Cup really shook Indian cricket. After that, India had to play a two-month series against England and a one-month series against South Africa and Ireland. Along with this is the month-long T20 World Cup. Many senior players have decided to skip the T20 World Cup as they have to leave their families for four months. The interesting thing is that no one took it seriously.

With the senior players left, I naturally expected the senior in the group to pick me as captain. But then MS Dhoni was unexpectedly announced as the captain.

Whoever the captain is, he will have the full support of the team members. It’s the same with Dravid and Gam Guli. Because, ultimately the team is important. Along with Tendulkar, Dravid and Gam Gulik, Zaheer Khan was rested from the World Cup. In the first match of the World Cup, Zaheer sent a message when Chris Gayle scored 100 off 50-55 balls. That it was good to rest. But Zaheer said he had to rest when he returned from winning the World Cup.

Yuvraj said the team went to the World Cup without any particular strategy as there were young players and a new captain and since this was the first time such a tournament was being held, no one had a clear idea of ​​what to do with the T20s.

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