Zapala: coexist with blood and excrement from an animal farm

A neighbor of lights reported that a hatchery of animals, installed in the Cerro Michacheo area, they throw the excrement and blood of the animals that work on the public thoroughfare, which end up ending on the street from October 12 to 12000, endangering the health of the people who circulate there.

“People go out to run, to walk because it is a recreation area. There is a school 300 meters away and there are even people living very close; and these wastes can generate many diseases. It is unfortunate that this happens in the city ”, explained Raúl García, who assures that all this material falls directly on his land.

And he added: “The excrement and blood travel 500 meters more or less from where the hatchery is. I got to see four or five 40-meter puddles, full of blood. They are liters and liters of blood, and the amount of excrement is also enormous. ”

Since it is an animal farm, they are prohibited from fishing, since that is what the city slaughterhouse is for. In this sense, the neighbor was concerned because he does not know the state in which that meat is sold, since it is not an authorized place for that activity.

On the other hand, Raúl made reference to the fact that although currently low temperatures do not allow these wastes to decompose, the situation would be very different in spring or summer. “Previous years this happened and the smell is terrible,” he said.

With all this, García commented that in the past he presented an appeal for the municipality of the city to attend to this situation, and from the communal government they agreed. Despite that, the problem was not eradicated. “I invested a lot of money to demonstrate what was happening. I even brought specialists from Cutral Co to do a review of the contamination at the site. And from the Municipality they recognized that things were being done wrong there, “he explained.

“I am a person who does not have problems with anyone, but I want Zapala to be clean and not in this way,” he finished with anguish.


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