“Zero unemployed territories”, a new weapon against exclusion

A new stage is about to be taken in policies to combat exclusion. Monday, November 30, the National Assembly was to definitively adopt a bill that allows to extend and extend an experiment in favor of people deprived of work for months. This one has a name as long as it is intriguing: “territories with zero long-term unemployed”.

At present, it is being implemented in around ten municipalities. The text submitted to the vote of the deputies will make it possible to add – at least – five times more employment pools.

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The device saw the light of day under the previous legislature thanks to a law of February 2016, approved unanimously – which demonstrates both the interest and the support it garners among elected officials from all sides. Promoted, in particular, by the ATD-Fourth World association, the approach is based on an economic model which aims to be innovative: it involves creating so-called “employment-oriented” companies, which do not hire, on permanent contracts. and the minimum wage, that men and women unemployed for at least a year.

The companies in question develop activities that meet local needs, on condition that they do not compete with employers already established nearby. The goods and services offered for sale take various forms: market gardening, recycling of fabrics, odd jobs at home, community shops, etc.

Modest numbers

Another important characteristic to remember: companies with the purpose of employment receive credits provided by public authorities (State, department, etc.), one of the founding ideas of the experiment being to“Activate passive expenses”. Clearly, the benefits paid to individuals, when they had no position (unemployment benefit, RSA, etc.), are reallocated in the financing of new productions that create jobs. Private institutions also provide subsidies.

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Since the creation of the device, around 1,000 individuals have been recruited in companies with the aim of employment – some of them having subsequently left them, explains Laurent Grandguillaume, president of the national association Territoires zero long-term unemployed. duration and former deputy (PS, Côte-d’Or), initiator of the law of February 2016.

On the other hand, the launch of the experiment has helped to put 500 to 600 other people back in the saddle, who have landed an employment contract outside employment-oriented companies: these are the “Positive externalities” of the measure, according to the formula of Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas, LRM deputy of Tarn and rapporteur of the bill examined Monday in the National Assembly.

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