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Zhao Shaokang, Chairman of China Broadcasting Corporation, congratulated Zhu Lilun on his election as chairman of the Kuomintang. Picture: Zhu Lilun’s office/provided (data photo)

The result of the reelection of the KMT chairman was settled. After Zhu Lilun was elected, Zhao Shaokang (25th), Chairman of China Guangxi, issued a statement, congratulating “Chairman Zhu,” and also raised the 7 major issues of the KMT, asking Zhu Lilun to take office. Deal with it immediately.

Zhao Shaokang said that he believes that the current KMT has 7 major problems, which Zhu Lilun must deal with immediately after taking office. They include: 1. The KMT must transform into an active combat body and always give full play to the spirit of fighting blue; 2. Change the structure of party members. The proportion of young people under the age of 40 must be increased to at least 30%, which is in line with Taiwan’s overall adult population. Third, cross-strait policies must keep pace with the times, center on the interests of Taiwan’s 23 million people, and explain clearly in words that the people understand.

Zhao Shaokang went on to mention that 4. To win the 2022 and 2024 elections of the Kuomintang, there must be a transparent and fair nomination method to find the best talents for the party and the country; 5. Unity can win the war. Tolerance is great, and we must call on Han Fen, Zhang Fen, and Jiang Fen have all returned to the team; 6. Professor Zhang Yazhong can rise in such a short period of time and get such a high number of votes. Zhu Lilun must explore the reasons and use it as a reference; 7. Jiang Qichen has been chairman of the party for more than a year, the Kuomintang The polls have risen from the bottom, Zhu Lilun should continue to improve, and complete the political tasks of the four referendums including the removal of Chen Bowei on October 23 and the anti-Laisian pig on December 18.

Zhao Shaokang throws 7 major problems to Chairman Zhu’s cross-strait policy to be “understood by the people”


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