Zhou Baihao and Zheng Rong sang “Nothing Achieved” for charity, causing controversy, wireless producer He Xiaohui interprets the painting (19:28)-20210531-SHOWBIZ

Zhou Baihao and Zheng Rong appeared on the wireless charity show “Wan Zhong Tongxin Charity Fund” the night before. The chorus song “Nothing Achieved” caused controversy. Some netizens pointed out that the link happened to cheer the families of the unemployed during the epidemic. Therefore, the title of the song seemed inappropriate, and even netizens straightened it out. Refers to the wrong song selection, and questioned: “Jing Jing will give you a gift?”

In response to Ming Pao, producer Ho Siu-hui said: “In fact, when he returned to the factory in a case, Pak Hao encouraged the unemployed families in the film to sing “Let Love Fly” when they live, and “Nothing Achieves” is the result of Zheng Rong and Pak Hao. Chorus afterwards!”

Regarding the association of netizens, will they pay attention to songs next time so as not to cause misunderstanding? He Xiaohui said: “Because the record company only wants Bohao and Zheng to sing together, they have only collaborated with this (song). We feel that Bohao has finished the same case. This song is for entertainment, so it is not as familiar to netizens. !”

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