Zidane: «Marcelo’s criticism hurts, we are not going to throw everything done this year for a match»

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Zidane attacks another final, but now League. If the Madrid coach appreciated that the match with Real Sociedad in the Cup was a final, rightly, he has now imbued his men that Pamplona is a League final, with the leadership at stake.

The coach of Real Madrid recovers Casemiro, Lucas and Carvajal, losses to Real Sociedad, and will again have Varane and Mendy, a cluster of players who provide defensive security lost in the Cup with so many changes in the eleven.

Zidane “attacks a League final” and recovers Casemiro, Carvajal, Mendy, Lucas and Varane, keys in the defensive security achieved during twenty-one matches

The fiasco of the copera competition has provoked a lot of criticism against Marcelo, Nacho, James and even Jovic, who only had twenty minutes. ABC questioned Zidane if Marra’s pain is especially bad for him, because yesterday he told the squad that he does not point at anyone and has everyone the same as before the defeat: «Yes, I am criticized by Marcelo. The outside does not help, but I count on everyone. For a defeat we will not throw everything achieved this year, twenty-one undefeated games. Criticisms come when we lose, we all know that. Marcelo has experience and the fans valued what he did (scored a goal). He is an important player and he will prove it until the end, I will count on him ».

The head of Real Madrid also analyzed the situation, training and behavior of Bale, who has added several meetings without even being called: «I am happy with your training. I count on him, he hasn’t been summoned in several meetings even if he was available due to circumstances, but he wants to continue here, he has a contract, he wants to stay here and I count on him. He is ready to play ».

He reflected on the case to give further explanations: «Of course the player wants to play, wants to be, wants to fight. Then, what I have to do is the maximum complication, choosing with 25 players, it is a very wide squad ». He said: “There is no solution because there is no problem with Bale. Not being summoned means nothing. I know that Gareth will give us something in the end.

Jonathan Barnett, attorney for Bale, says that due to his physical characteristics he cannot enter five consecutive days. Zidane denied: “Gareth has trained with me five days in a row, of course he can.”

He spoke of Marcelo and Bale in comparison with the recovery of Modric and Isco: “It is very difficult to perform for fifty games.” .


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