Zidane protects Hazard

Among the teachings that Mourinho left as coach of Real Madrid, because the passing of the Portuguese on the bench of the Bernabéu did not leave only burned land, one of them was the difference between the two types of discharges when a player leaves an injury: « One thing is to have a medical discharge and another is to have a competitive discharge, ”repeated the Tottenham coach today. That is precisely what happens to Eden Hazard, who two and a half months after being injured in the Real Madrid-PSG Champions League at the end of November, and despite having already been training with the rest of his teammates for a week, he will not play this night the decisive match of quarterfinals against Real Sociedad.

“He is not yet ready to compete,” they explain from the white club to argue the Belgian’s absence. The idea slipped these days was to be on the bench and play between 20 and 30 minutes against those of Sheriff, but Zidane does not want any risk. He is a single-match eliminator against one of the best teams of the moment. There is no net, and the French coach has already shown that he goes with the best for the Cup: “It is a final, not a quarterfinal match. The Royal Society will not come here to give anything away. It is a very good team. We will have to be concentrated and plugged in from the first minute ».

Hazard will watch the game from the box of players, like Lucas and Casemiro, whose flu processes have also left them off the list; Carvajal, still grudging from a blow of the derby; and Bale, who for the third consecutive game will not dress short by technical decision, something that has already ceased to be news. Of yesterday’s 21 questions to Zidane, not one was about the Welsh player, relegated to a transparent status that makes him now the last resort of the 22 field players.

Opposite will Real Madrid have a team that fights to enter the Champions League next season and plays football very well, led by Odegaard, the youth player from Madrid assigned to Real this and next season: «I really like Odegaard , but now he is a rival and will do everything possible to win his team, ”Zidane explains.

La Real, with everything
The San Sebastian team will present their best eleven at the Bernabéu, hopeful with some semifinals that have only reached once in the last 32 years (2013-2014 season): «Someone may think that we are going to the slaughterhouse, but we intend to win and pass. For desire and faith it will not be, it is a single game, in the best scenario and before the best team, what else do we want. We go with all the illusion ».

The Royal Society has an impolute Cup. It is the only team, together with Mirandés, that has eliminated two Primeras (Espanyol and Osasuna), accumulating 17 goals in favor and only one against. At the end of November he already passed through the capital of Spain, falling 3-1 to those of Zidane, but he went ahead with a goal from Willian José and left an exceptional image at the Bernabéu: «I expect a different game from then, maybe something more similar to that of the previous season, ”Alguacil explained, recalling the San Sebastian victory at the White Coliseum (0-2) on Kings Day 2019:“ We want to show what we are capable of. Not long ago we managed to win there. I am convinced that they, when the draw was defined, breathed because they had to play in their field because if it had been the other way around … ». .

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