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ZTE launches the Axon 30 Ultra at an outstanding speed

ZTE launches the Axon 30 Ultra at an outstanding speed

ZTE launches Axon 30 Ultra ZTE is a technology company affiliated with the State of China, which has specialized in the field of communications since 1985. The company is interested in the manufacture of computer and mobile phone components, and the company was able to become one of the 4 largest companies for the sale and manufacture of smart phones, and occupied the fifth place among the exporting countries, and in the fourth quarter The second of 2013, the company was announced as the fourth largest supplier of smartphones with a 5% share in the market. Through today’s article, you can learn about the features of the Axon 30 Ultra in detail.

Xiaomi 30 Ultra launches ZTE phone

Xiaomi 30 Ultra launches the ZTE phone ZTE has launched the new version of its phone under the name Xiaomi 30 Ultra with 18 GB RAM and 1 TB internal storage space, thus becoming the fastest phone around the world, and this phone was called the space version for its superiority over all smartphones Available in the market, and the reason behind naming the phone with this name is the success of the space agency in sending an orbital and landing craft to Mars, and it is reported that this phone is the highest phone in terms of performance compared to other phones provided by the company, as the phone contains random access memory 16 GB RAM.

Features of the Axon 30 Ultra

Features of the Axon 30 Ultra phone We show you the specifications of the Axon 30 Ultra phone, the most important of which are:

  • 6.67 inch OLED screen, 1080 inch resolution, 144Hz refresh rate per second.
  • The first quad camera phone has a 5x zoom, the primary camera is 64 mega pixel camera, the ultra-high-resolution sensor is 8 mega pixel camera, and the selfie camera is 32 mega pixel camera.
  • The Snapdragon 888 phone processor from the American company Qualcomm, and a 4600 mAh battery.
  • The phone supports fast charging with a power of up to 66 watts.
  • The resolution of video playback on the phone is 8k, and 30 frames per second.

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