▷ Nicmer Evans demanded speed in opposition primaries: We must develop an exercise of unity in the opposition #4Ago

His concern about the lack of dynamism in the process that will lead to the opposition primariessaid this Thursday the head of the Democracy and Inclusion Movement (MDI) y presidential candidate Nicmer Evans.

«Today we have met exactly two months since we met with the secretary of the Unitarian Platform, Omar Barboza, and at this point we do not have any type of information, nor notification, nor have we been summoned to a new meeting in order to generate a space that allows guaranteeing that the face-to-face primaries of the opposition go beyond the Unitary Platform“, he warned.

After stating that there is news of a supposed articulation of alliances for an organizing commission of the electoral process, Evans stressed that as an opposition actor he has not received any invitation for this. For this reason, he demanded an “immediate convocation” of all the actors with presidential aspirations.

«We need to guarantee that the conditions established for the development of the primaries include our requests or seek consensus for the development of these conditions,” said the political scientist in a statement to the media.

The architect and proponent of the Venezuela plan, 20 points, reiterated that the country demands the development of a union exercise by the Venezuelan opposition: “We do not want to suspect ineffectiveness (…) We cannot be wasting time, the country is demanding union of the Venezuelan opposition.

He sentenced Juan Requesens

On the other hand, Evans condemned the sentence issued hours ago against those involved in the drone case. Citing as a “painful decision by the courts of the country that have an absolutely irregular appointment of judges”, he referred to the specific case of the political leader Juan Requesens, affirming that it was the use of the figure of a young Venezuelan politician, to try to splash and muddy a part of the Venezuelan opposition.

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