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2024-01-15 13:58:00

(Xports News Reporter Jeong Min-kyung) ‘Single Single’ Yoo Hyeon-cheol shared the true feelings of his daughter who wants to live with her biological mother.

On TV Chosun’s ‘Joseon’s Lover’, which aired on the 15th, the daily life of a four-member family of ‘single single’ mother Kim Seul-gi and father Yoo Hyeon-cheol, who are planning to remarry, was revealed.

Yoo Hyeon-cheol and Kim Seul-gi, a couple who became lovers while appearing on a dating reality show, revealed their ‘complete family of four’ for the first time ahead of their remarriage. Yoo Hyeon-cheol said, “The four of us went on a trip for my birthday. After that, the four of us got together two months later.” Next, the couple and their children moved to Ga-in’s birthday party venue full of excitement.

Yoo Hyeon-cheol’s daughter Ga-in, who discovered the Tanghulu store in her car, said, “My mom made Tanghulu, but the coating stuck to my teeth too much.” In response, her Seulgi naturally continued her mother’s story by saying, “Her mom made Tanghulu. But the coating was too sticky.”

The children continued to chat as they moved to the birthday party location. Yoo Hyeon-cheol said, “When the kids are together, they play well together.” Seulgi Kim said, “My son Chae-rok doesn’t like traveling for long periods of time by car, but he likes it when Ga-in tells him that he has an older sister.” Yoo Hyeon-cheol also said, “I asked Seulgi about her weekend schedule, and when she told me that Aunt Seulgi was coming, her nostrils got bigger because she was happy.”

Panel member Kang Su-ji said happily, “I think they will both be proud to meet each other after raising their children alone.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seul-gi’s son Chae-rok reacted awkwardly when Kim Seul-gi’s attention turned to Ga-in. When Kim Seul-gi took care of Ga-in first, Chae-rok asked her to take care of him too, saying, “Mom, can you at least give me some sauce?” In response, Kim Ji-min said, “Even if you are my biological brother, I get jealous when I lose my parents’ attention, and that is quite possible.”

After blowing out the candles on the cake, Seulgi Kim delivered a gift and a letter. Kim Seul-gi shared a heartfelt letter saying, “Her Aunt Seulgi is so proud of Ga-in,” and that she was “good that the girls have a secret between them.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Hyeon-cheol confessed to Kim Seul-gi, “Actually, when Seul-gi blew out the candles on her birthday cake, she made a wish to live with her (her) mother and father.” The production team asked, “Is Ga-in unaware of his parents’ divorce?” Yoo Hyeon-cheol then said, “Actually, I didn’t show Ga-in that I was having trouble with her ex-wife. That’s why I think Ga-in thinks, ‘Mom and dad are on good terms, so why do they live separately?'”

In response, Seulgi Kim said, “I’m okay with Ga-in not calling me mom. I’m okay with him continuing to call me aunt. That’s Ga-in’s heart.”

Photo = TV Chosun

Reporter Jeong Min-kyung [email protected]

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