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Chortaj Greyhound

Ukrainian Greyhound

Species (In the life sciences, the species (from the Latin species, “type”) Dog (The dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a domestic mammal of the family Canidae,…) (Canis lupus familiaris ) Region of origin Region Ukraine Characteristics Height M 65 to 75 cm, F 61 to 71 cm Weight (Weight is the force of gravity, of gravitational and inertial origin, exerted by the…) can vary from 18 kg to 35 kg Hair (The hair is a filiform production of the epidermis, covering partially or…) Ras FCI Nomenclature modify

The Greyhound Chortaj is a sighthound (The greyhounds are slender dogs, with a supple, muscular, sinewy, built body…) commonly used for hunting, in Ukraine. It is a local variety not officially recognized by the FCI.


The Chortaj is, in its original habitat the steppe, still used as a hunting dog which makes it possible to observe and analyze the environment by reception and…). Its preys are hares, foxes, wolves and Saiga antelopes.

It is extremely resistant over long distances (4000 m) and can hunt for a long time after short periods of rest.

Although he hunts on sight like all greyhounds, his sense of smell is also very well developed. He can thus follow the olfactory trail of a lost game.

Many color combinations are allowed: white (White is the color of a body heated to about 5000°C (see…), black, cream of all shades, red (The color red meets different definitions , according to the chromatic system of which one makes…), sand (Sand, or arena, is a loose sedimentary rock, made up of small…) and brindle, total (Total is the quality of what is complete, without exception. From an accounting point of view, a…) or magpie (with white markings, or white with colored markings) Black and black mask, gray or with red markings, russet brown are normal.

Speed ​​(We distinguish:) maximum: 60 to 75 km/h, It is as fast as the Saiga antelopes.


The Chortaj is friendly, quite obedient and intelligent. He is never aggressive towards humans (A man is an adult male individual of the species called Modern Man (Homo…), although like all greyhounds he is wary of strangers. Often Raised in packs, he is nevertheless quite a good guardian.

Care must be taken to socialize him well so that he does not chase pets.



The Chortaj is a greyhound of Asian origin, an ancient breed (In zoological nomenclature, the breed is a taxonomic rank lower than the species…).

Its geographical area is in the steppes to the north (North is a cardinal point, opposite to south.) of the Black Sea (The Black Sea is a sea located between Europe and Anatolia. It is about .. .), a region that stretches from Ukraine to the south (South is a cardinal point, opposite to North.) from Russia to the west (West is a cardinal point, opposite to East. C is the direction in which to…) of Kazakhstan. It is therefore not possible to attribute to this race a people (The term people adopts different meanings depending on the point of view where one places oneself.) or a country (Country comes from the Latin pagus which designated a territorial subdivision and tribal in scope…).

The Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) set the first breed standard in 1951.

Currently, 2,500 to 3,500 Chortaj are recorded worldwide, with less than a dozen outside the boundaries of the CIS.

Care and health

The life expectancy of the Chortaj largely depends on its use.

In areas where they hunt large prey, especially predators, it is not uncommon for young greyhounds to die during the hunt.

But without this type of hunting, the Chortaj can very well live healthy for up to 14-15 years.

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