10 months after Wang Bisheng’s affair, his wife You Xiangyu showed high EQ in one sentence

First appearance after marriage turmoil! 10 months after Wang Bisheng’s affair, his wife You Xiangyu’s “one sentence” shows high EQ

In November last year, Wang Bisheng, the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, was kicked out by the media for being incoherent with a female nurse surnamed Lin. His wife, You Xiangyu, came forward in an interview and confessed that “I haven’t forgiven him now.” Now 295 days later, You Xiangyu reappeared in front of the screen to report the latest treatment research as the director of the Epilepsy Department of Beirong Neurological Center. When asked by the media about her husband’s epidemic prevention performance so far, she admitted that she was not watching it. During the press conference on the epidemic, I hurriedly asked colleagues and representatives to comment.

Taipei Rong President held a press conference on “New Dawn of Refractory Epilepsy Treatment – Focused Ultrasound” today. You Xiangyu, director of the Epilepsy Department of the Neuromedical Center, gave a speech. This press conference also rarely attracted a large number of media attention, about 20 The number of media present was about 2 to 3 times of Beirong’s regular press conference, which can be said to be unprecedented.

For the first time, Wang Bisheng’s main palace responded to the storm of his husband’s affair. (Photo by Chen Renqi)

After the meeting, the media asked Wang Bisheng what his performance was after he took office as commander. You Xiangyu hurriedly asked Li Zhengjia, the chief physician of functional neurosurgery, to answer on his behalf. Li said, “I personally think that this year’s epidemic prevention has performed well, because now the lockdown has been slowly lifted, and everyone is preparing to go abroad. I am really grateful to the command center. Let everyone spend the past three years safely.”

Another media asked, will you watch the press conference on the epidemic hosted by Mr. You Xiangyu said, “I had outpatient clinics at that time. Like everyone else, I would also read the news and read some information, especially the epidemic prevention regulations should be more careful, to see if there is any need to pay special attention to taking care of patients in the hospital. Part of it must be in line with government policy.”

You Xiangyu admitted frankly that she rarely discusses business affairs with her husband now, and Wang Bisheng has not given any opinion on the focused ultrasound treatment method published today, but she changed her words and emphasized, “As long as it is my colleagues and classmates, There are other related medical knowledge that I want to know, and I am willing to share it, and I will often listen to the opinions of my peers and improve the research content.”

You Xiangyu said that she is very grateful for the attention from all walks of life in her private field these days, but also because of the media attention, everyone has noticed her advocacy in epilepsy. The health education that she always hoped to do in the past is now also seen by many epilepsy friends. For example, the focused ultrasound therapy published this time has allowed many patients to get good control, which can be said to be an unexpected benefit.

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