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On the morning of the 7th, MBC PD Jang Ho-gi attended the Netflix entertainment ‘Physical: 100’ press conference held at Community House Masil in Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. / Photo = Courtesy of Netflix

‘Physical: 100’, which contains the journey of finding the perfect body, is receiving a global response. The intuitive theme of physicality captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Now, ‘Physical: 100’ is hoping to expand beyond Korea to the world.

On the morning of the 7th, a press conference was held for the Netflix entertainment show ‘Physical: 100’ at Community House Masil in Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. Jang Ho-gi MBC PD attended and talked about various things about the program.

‘Physical: 100’, which was released on the 24th of last month, is an extreme survival game entertainment in which 100 people who are proud of being the strongest physicals to find the best body with the most powerful physicals. Fierce physical fights and tense psychological warfare that will unfold until the last one survives, and a variety of fun that will burst out in it.

As soon as ‘Physical: 100’ was released, it became popular as it was listed in Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV Show (non-English) category in 33 countries, including Korea, Canada, England, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

PD Jang said, “It is a program in which 100 people with the best physical abilities in each field gather to ask the question ‘what is the perfect physical?’ and explore the answer. contains,” he introduced.

Regarding the reason for planning the program, “The goal was to deal with the topic of human beings in any form. The physical is also a topic about human beings,” he said. I saw, ‘Why is this person winning?’ “I started with the desire to properly plan this,” he said.

Jang PD said, “I originally liked survival. I saw that survival was working well all over the world,” and pointed out, “Humanity has the fear of being eliminated, and there is a heart to cheer for someone. That penetrates the whole world.” all. “In dramas and movies, if you drop out, you’re killed, but I thought it wouldn’t work for the people who were watching that kind of content to just drop out. I needed a device, so I decided to take away the most precious thing,” he said. The person’s body was floated and stood for over two hours, and they made him self-destruct.”

‘Physical: 100’ is produced by MBC and broadcast worldwide through Netflix. The reason for choosing OTT rather than terrestrial was global. PD Jang said, “I liked the global stage that Netflix has. I wanted to try something new if I took on the challenge.” “he said. He continued, “I thought that MBC doesn’t have to be broadcast only on TV. No matter how well it’s made, you can’t ask viewers to come and watch it. It’s a good thing to go to places where there are many and provide content.” he added.

The difference between MBC and Netflix production environments was also revealed. PD Jang said, “The quality required by Netflix is ​​high and the production period is long, so I was able to put in the effort. Broadcasting can be neglected because it has to be made quickly within 1-2 weeks, but Netflix supports me so that I can produce the best quality.” “I made it in a way that viewers around the world can understand, as well as basic things such as picture quality and sound quality. I thought about it so that it would not be a problem culturally and emotionally, and I melted the subtitles intuitively,” he said.

Editing tried to keep the center between documentary and entertainment. PD Jang said, “For a documentary, I used high-speed filming and special cameras as much as possible. Rather than simply showing it repeatedly, I tried to show the picture from various angles even if it was repeated.”

The key point of directing was also between reality and unreality, crossing documentary and entertainment. PD Jang said, “It had to be completely different from the content I’ve seen before. If drama is unrealistic and reality is reality, I hoped it would settle somewhere in between.” It contains,” he said.

‘Physical: 100’ includes martial arts player Seonghun Choo, PyeongChang Olympic skeleton gold medalist Yoon Seongbin, gymnastics national representative Yang Hak-seon, sports trainer and exercise YouTuber Sim Eudeum, dancer and model Cha Hyun-seung, and wrestling national representative Jang Jang-sil. Those who had or had outstanding physical abilities and strong mental strength participated.

Regarding the recruitment of performers, PD Jang said, “I researched 1,000 people and contacted 500 people. After that, I gathered 100 people through a process such as meeting, physical examination, and mental care.” It was difficult to include everything. We tried to solve it according to the characters we see there according to the flow of our quest.”

The 100 characters create relationships with their own narratives and add fun to the program. Regarding this, PD Jang said, “The goal was to incorporate it naturally. When you watch sports games, aren’t there many cases where emotions come out without special directing?” We wanted to compete vividly. This kind of simplicity is our unique difference.”

In order to maximize naturalness, we chose not to give guides to the performers. PD Jang said, “I didn’t inform them in advance. Above all, the performers aren’t the ones who follow the guys just because they gave them,” he said.

This kind of look naturally leads to sports spirit. The performers compete in the game fair and square, without tricks, and show the appearance of caring for each other even though it is a competition. PD Jang said, “The performers came to compete and showed different sides. I learned that there are various people in the world, and I wanted to show that to viewers. That was the direction of our program. There are various bodies in the world, and the perfect standard It’s different, but the performers show that,” he said.

‘Physical: 100’, which came out in this way, is receiving a global response. PD Jang smiled and said he was just grateful. He said, “I wanted to create content that viewers on the other side of the globe could enjoy watching even before it was released. It feels good to hear that the results are good,” he said.

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