1200 guests looked at the new Maschinenring office

2023-06-06 19:55:00

The members’ party of the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen machine ring last Sunday was a complete success. The four machine ring organizations Kremstal-Windischgarsten, Steyr-Ennstal, Steyr-Nord and Steyr-West-Steyrtal are united under one roof in the new headquarters made of 400 cubic meters of wood near the B122 in the municipality of Adlwang. 24 employees take care of more than 2700 members in 44 congregations. Managing Director Gottfried Straßmayr was honored for his 40th anniversary with the machine ring. He will be retiring next year. Father Siegfried Eder from Kremsmünster Abbey blessed the house and all of the offices.

Father Siegfried Eder blessed the new wooden house in Adlwang.
Image: Franz Braunsberger

At the four general assemblies, all board members were unanimously elected. In the district of Kirchdorf, Chairwoman Anna Atzlinger resigned after a total of 26 years on the Board, eight of which as Chairwoman, and handed over her position to the newly elected Chairwoman Barbara Berger, commonly known as Oberpichl. The new chairman comes from Edlbach and runs a dairy farm with her husband as a part-time job.

Accompanied by the Musikverein Hilbern, 1200 visitors inspected the new location at the open day and enjoyed a family festival with a colorful program and regional delicacies. Strong women and men flexed their muscles during the tractor pulling: A total of 20 groups competed for victory. The Mühlbach group, “SAME” from Grünburg, landed on the podium, and the winner in a time of 14.99 seconds was the senior group of the rural youth in Molln.

1200 guests looked at the new Maschinenring office
Tractor pulling required raw power.
Image: Franz Braunsberger

In addition to large technical equipment in the agricultural and forestry sectors, the machine ring also supplies the right personnel for customers if required, clears roads and sidewalks in winter and makes bioenergy available. More on the website: www.maschinenring.at


Martin Dunst

Local editor Steyr

Martin Dunst

Martin Dunst


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