12,000 bottles instead of 40,000: the frost compromises the quantity, not the quality of the Normandy vineyard alone

“The quality of the grapes is superb! This is absolutely unexpected given the conditions we have just experienced. “The least we can say is that Gérard Samson is a positive winegrower! Indeed, owner of the only professional vineyard in Normandy, he has just experienced his worst year of production in 27 years of operation.

The first frost hit in April, at the worst time. The flowers, when they should have started to fruit, aborted. And finally, downy mildew, this dreaded pest very much for winegrowers, has so far been rampant while the region has been spared until then. Result: only a third of the harvest can be saved. And the Arpents du Soleil should only produce around 12,000 bottles against… 40,000 usually!

“Paradoxically, we should have a very good vintage! “

Despite everything, Gérard Sanson, in the middle of the harvest week, frankly keeps smiling. “When you do this job, you have to accept these natural phenomena. In 27 years, this is the first time that I have experienced such a year. Even if it is not very pleasant, there is still nothing to complain about. And then, despite this drastic drop in quantity, we once again have the wonderful surprise of discovering the totally unexpected quality of the grape that has been saved. Paradoxically, we should have a very good vintage! “

His commitment does not stop there, since he is already announcing that, thanks to his management in past years, and despite the scarcity of the product this year, the prices of his wines will not increase for consumers. To believe that the microclimate which reigns here and which makes it possible to produce this wine recognized in the kingdom of milk and cider, also promotes enthusiasm and optimism!

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