12,000-year-old human footprints found in desert; surprise

The scientific world is in awe of twelve thousand year old footprints found in the desert. Researchers found 88 footprints in Utah, USA. The crucial discovery came from land owned by the US Air Force Testing and Training Range.

The researchers concluded that these footprints are from the last Ice Age on Earth. While driving to an archaeological site, Thormus Urban and his friend Darron Duke noticed footprints in the sand.

Thomas Urban is a researcher at Cornell University. Previously, Thomas Urban found similar footprints in the White Sands National Forest in the US and conducted research on it. That research revealed that they are the oldest footprints ever found on the American mainland. Thomas Urban soon realized that these were also primitive footprints because of his experience. Returning to the site the next day, Urban and Duke conducted research using a technology called ground-penetrating radar and found the footprints in full. They found 88 footprints and took pictures of them. They say the footprints of adults and children were among them.

The researchers hope that these footprints will help in the study of the families of that time. Scientists estimate that the footprints left in the area were safe only because there had been no floods or adverse weather conditions for thousands of years.

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