14th generation Intel Core: “Meteor Lake” CPUs could be up to 50% more efficient, says rumor

Intel may launch its next generation of processors in the middle of the last quarter of 2023. Information released by the popular leaker @OneRaichu this Monday (06) reaffirm that the main focus of the 14th generation – codenamed “Meteor Lake” – will be to improve the energy efficiency of the hardware and increase the performance of the integrated graphics.

According to the informant, the 14th generation processors will have the same hybrid architecture that combines high performance and low consumption cores, but will use a technology of chiplets which can reduce the complexity of manufacturing the platforms. It is possible that the chips will be designed on mobile devices.

Another change that could be highlighted is the performance of the integrated GPU (iGPU). The leaker claims that the graphics blocks of the 14th generation models will be able to count on up to 128 Execution Units (EUs) running at frequencies above 2.0 GHz. It is worth contrasting that the Intel Core i9-13900HK has a 96 EUs iGPU running at 1.5 GHz.

Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief architect, previously announced that future processors will use tiles — that is, blocks with cores dedicated to the CPU, GPU, or other processing area on a chiplet — with the same cores as Arc GPUs with Xe-HPG architecture. This block will be known as “tGPU” (Tiled-GPU).

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