15 everyday objects dirtier than a toilet seat (and how to clean them)

With the pandemic, germs, bacteria and viruses are on everyone’s lips. How do germs get into our homes? How long can they survive on surfaces? And above all, how to get rid of it?

“Proper cleaning is imperative to keep your family members safe from unwanted little ones. A clean and disinfected home environment can also reduce stress and improve mental health,” notes Mary Gagliardi, aka “Dre Laundry,” Clorox science associate and cleaning products expert.

His number one recommendation for virus and bacteria control echoes what we’ve become accustomed to doing daily since the pandemic. “Sure, wash one’s hands, for 20 seconds, with soap, is the first step to staying healthy and keeping our homes safe,” she says. “But a lot of people don’t think about what happens next – have you thought about what you touch after washing your hands?” So you have to wash your hands frequently to make it worthwhile.

It also turns out that hand towels are one of many breeding grounds for germs that can make you sick, including coronaviruses, she warns. “A frequently used hand towel should be replaced daily with a clean one,” she recommends.

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