19 Walloon municipalities now limit water consumption: here is the list

Nineteen Walloon municipalities must now reduce their water consumption (see list at the bottom of the article), one more than last week, announced Thursday the Regional Drought Expertise Unit. Restriction measures in the face of drought remain broadly identical in Wallonia.

Burg-Reuland was added this week to the list municipalities subject to water restrictions.

No fewer than 15 other municipalities are monitored by the SWDE (Société wallonne des eaux). Rochefort and Libramont remain the company’s particular points of attention.

The situation of groundwater remains identical to previous meetings of the Cell, the lack of precipitation could however reduce the quantities of Walloon reserve. The levels of the dams-reservoirs continue to drop. The Gileppe and the Vesdre are just above the reserve coasts. The level of the Nisramont dam remains under surveillance. The flows of non-navigable rivers are at historically low levels. For non-navigable waterways, the situation is similar.

Groupings of boats at the locks are valid everywhere except in the lower part of the Scheldt, the Dender and the canals of the province of Hainaut. Hydroelectric production for micro-power stations remains suspended on Hoyoux, Burnot and Lhomme.

Next meeting of the Cell, August 25

The navigation of kayaks is also prohibited. The nature and forests department has currently only prohibited access to roads crossing the forest of Anlier from August 17 to 31. Only three authorized bathing areas have been closed, Lake Neufchâteau, Lake Falemprise and Lake Bambois since August 18.

These bans are not abnormal at this time of year. Unofficial bathing areas should be used with caution. This unit bringing together the various interlocutors of the water sector in Wallonia, met under the aegis of the Wallonia Regional Crisis Center to take stock of the drought situation in Wallonia. The next meeting of the Drought Expertise Unit is scheduled for August 25 (1:30 p.m.). Until then, the situation will be subject to constant monitoring by all the services concerned.


Stoumont, Burg Reuland, Rochefort, Durbuy, Libin, Libramont, Chimay, Theux, Bouillon, Léglise, Habay, Pepinster, Vresse-sur-Semois, Tellin, Bertogne, Tenneville, Gouvy, Amel and Saint-Hubert. The other communes are subject to special surveillance by the SWDE (Jalhay, Vielsalm, Houffalize, Bastogne, Fauvillers, Martelange, Neufchâteau, Vaux-sur-Sûre, Saint-Ode, Wellin, Bullange, Marche- en-Famenne, Rendeux, La Roche-en-Ardenne and Beauraing)

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