1st Guangzhou Week of Cuisine officially opens with spectacular culinary showcase

2023-12-21 14:05:00

1st Guangzhou Week of Cuisine officially opens with spectacular culinary showcase

Source: Yangcheng Evening News Yunshang Lingnan Author: Sun Qiman Publication time: 2023-12-21 22:05

On December 20th, the 2023 Guangzhou Week of Cuisine kicked off at the southern plaza of the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, bringing together over 100 renowned restaurants nationwide, including some recognized by cuisine recommendation lists such as Michelin Guide, Black Pearl Restaurant Guide, Ctrip’s Gourmet List, and Ifeng.com’ Restaurant Guide. These culinary establishments, known for their excellence, joined forces to create a year-end feast, melting away the winter chill with their passionate dedication to gastronomy.

Banquet presented by four Black Pearl 3-Diamond chefs

Throughout the event, acclaimed chefs from Michelin-starred and Black Pearl restaurants, both domestic and international, showcased their signature dishes, limited-time offerings, and unveiled new creations. They introduced on-site customized and in-restaurant discount packages, innovated food and wine/beverage pairings, setting new trends and providing consumers with a fresh and diverse culinary experience.

On the opening night, representatives from renowned restaurants such as DaDong China, Yongfu, White Swan Hotel, and Yulongxuan, spanning from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Macao, collaborated to present the Black Pearl 3-Diamond “Four-Chef Banquet”, a culinary spectacle that delighted the senses.

Simultaneously, this Gourmet Week gained support from four major domestic food rating authorities, including Dianping’s Must-Eat List, Ctrip’s Gourmet List, Ifeng.com’ Restaurant Guide, and Douyin’s Flavor List. It marks the first city event in China to receive backing from these prominent lists, promising a rich culinary experience for food enthusiasts.

National debut: Hundred award-winning exquisite restaurants showcase together

Diverging from traditional food festival formats, Gourmet Week exclusively invited high-quality dining establishments, creating a platform for food exhibition, sales, and industry exchange.

Attendees could savor traditional craftsmanship such as Shantou’s Jianye Restaurant’s heritage technique for marinated goose liver or experience modern Cantonese cuisine with molecular gastronomy reinterpretations of caviar-marinated goose liver at Yue Modern Cantonese Cuisine. This one-stop experience showcased the fusion of ancient and modern, bridging the gap between East and West in exquisite gastronomy. Exquisite dining reflects an attitude towards food, while a higher cost-effectiveness demonstrates respect for life.  The event, in collaboration with China UnionPay, offered on-site and in-restaurant discounts, allowing citizens and tourists to indulge in top-tier offerings at more affordable prices.

Beyond the culinary delights, the event featured interactive zones such as a music stage, documentary screening area, farmer’s market live studio, and captivating performances, including Guangdong lion dance and the distinctive Yingge folk dance parade. The Yingge dance, a traditional folk dance from the Chaoshan region, brought a majestic and robust atmosphere, allowing citizens and tourists to immerse themselves in the flavors of Chaoshan in Guangzhou.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

The first Guangzhou Fine Food Week officially opens

On December 20, the 2023 Guangzhou Fine Food Week officially kicked off at the South Square of Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center. More than 100 restaurants including Michelin, Black Pearl, Gourmet Forest, Jin Wutong and other list restaurants from across the country gathered at the scene. Brand catering, they melt the cold winter with their passion for food, and work together to create a year-end gourmet feast.

Nationwide first show: Black Pearl 3 Diamond’s top hosts join forces to perform “Eight Hands Dinner”

During the event, chef representatives from fine restaurants such as Michelin and Black Pearl at home and abroad visited the site to showcase and sell our signature dishes and limited-time dishes, release a series of new products and business formats, launch on-site customized packages and in-store preferential packages, and innovate wine and tea. Matching products lead the trend of gourmet food and bring consumers a fresh experience of color, fragrance and touch from various star chefs.

On the night of the opening ceremony, the managers of representative restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Macao, including Dadong Chinese Artistic Cuisine, Yongfu, White Swan Hotel, and Yulongxuan, jointly performed the Black Pearl 3-diamond “Eight Hands Dinner”, which was wonderful and delicious. bloom.

At the same time, this boutique food week has been supported by four authoritative domestic food selection lists, including Dianping’s must-eat list, Ctrip Food Forest, Phoenix Golden Wutong, and Douyin Flavor List. It is the first domestically-owned company to win four well-known lists at the same time. Support city activities. By then, the four major lists will start from different professional perspectives and bring the rich content of the Fine Food Week to the majority of gourmets.

For the first time in the country: 100 award-winning fine restaurants set up a collective exhibition

Different from traditional food festival activities, all fine dining brands in the Fine Food Week are directional invitations to create a high-quality food display, exhibition and industry communication platform.

You can not only experience the intangible cultural heritage braised foie gras at Jianye Restaurant from Shantou, but also experience the caviar-marinated foie gras reinterpreted through molecular cuisine at Yue·Yue Modern Cantonese Cuisine. It is a one-stop way to enjoy the fusion of ancient and modern times and the connection between China and the West. of exquisite cuisine. Fine dining is an attitude towards good food, while higher cost performance is a respect for life. This event joins hands with China UnionPay to link the rights and interests of catering and brand restaurants, and launch on-site and in-store consumption discounts, so that citizens and tourists can taste palace-level products at more affordable prices.

In addition to the on-the-tongue experience, the event also has interactive areas such as a music stage, documentary viewing area, farmer’s market live broadcast room, Guangdong lion dance and a unique British singing and dancing parade performance flash mob. Yinggewu is a traditional folk dance from the Chaoshan area. This time it was invited to perform live at the Fine Food Week, allowing citizens and tourists to feel the majestic, powerful and heroic momentum, and experience the Chaoshan flavor in Guangzhou.

Text and pictures丨Reporter Sun Qiman
Translation | Liu Jiahui

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