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2023-10-02 02:39:27

2 Week Weather Late this week Strong cold air will move south for this time of year, seasonal acceleration Sakishima Islands should be careful of typhoons (Weather forecaster Tomomi Yoshida October 2, 2023) – Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

Weather for 2 weeks Strong cold air will move south for this time of year later this week Seasonal acceleration Sakishima Islands should be careful of typhoons

October 02, 2023 11:39

From now on, the unusual lingering heat will subside. Strong cold air for this time of year is expected to flow into northern and eastern Japan later this week. There may be places where it snows in the mountains and mountain passes of Hokkaido. Even in the Kanto region and west, there are days when the mornings and evenings are cool. Meanwhile, there is a risk that Typhoon No. 14 will approach the Sakishima Islands in Okinawa.

Strong cold air moves south for this time of year and the season progresses

A low pressure system will move north of Hokkaido from the 4th (Wednesday) to the 5th (Thursday), and a front extending from the low pressure system will pass near northern Japan. From the 6th (Friday) to the 7th (Saturday), the atmospheric pressure is expected to be temporarily high in the west and low in the east. From the night of the 5th (Thursday) onwards, strong cold air for this time of year will gradually flow into northern and eastern Japan. It is expected that cold air with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius will enter around 1,500 meters above northern Hokkaido. The weather will be rough in Hokkaido and Tohoku, with snow likely to fall in some places in the mountains and mountain passes. When driving over a mountain pass, please be aware of changes in road conditions. It looks like we’ll receive news of the first snowfall.

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There are many sunny autumn days around Honshu, but around the 4th (Wednesday) and 9th (Monday: Sports Day), there are places where it rains mainly on the Pacific side due to the influence of the front in the south of Honshu. Sho.

There will be many days with maximum temperatures at normal levels across the country. Hokkaido will not reach 20 degrees Celsius after the 5th (Thursday), and it looks like you will need a jacket even during the day. The lowest temperature on the 9th (Monday: Sports Day) will be cold, reaching single digits in Sapporo. The severe lingering summer heat is expected to subside from Kanto to Kyushu, with maximum temperatures expected to fall below 30℃ in most places. The minimum temperature will drop to around 15℃ in urban areas, and mornings and evenings will be chilly.

Typhoon No. 14 feared to approach Okinawa’s Sakishima Islands

Typhoon No. 14 is expected to be very strong and approach Sakishima Islands such as Miyakojima and Ishigakijima in Okinawa from the 3rd (Tuesday) to the 4th (Wednesday).

In the coastal waters of the Sakishima Islands, there will be swells and high waves on the 2nd (Monday), and there will be heavy waves from the 3rd (Tuesday). In the Sakishima Islands, there is a risk of a warning-level storm surge from the 4th (Wednesday) to the 5th (Thursday). Please stay away from the coast. Storms will also be present in the coastal waters of the main island of Okinawa from the 3rd (Tuesday).

In addition, strong winds are expected to blow in the Sakishima Islands from the night of the 2nd (Monday), and extremely strong winds are expected to blow on the 3rd (Tuesday) due to the typhoon. Depending on the path of the typhoon, there is a risk of strong winds on the 4th (Wednesday). There may also be areas where active rain clouds and thunderclouds form around the typhoon. You also need to be careful of lightning strikes, gusts of wind, and sudden heavy rain.

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Many sunny autumn days

From the 10th (Tuesday) onwards, there will be many clear autumn days around Honshu. It looks like it will rain in Okinawa on the 10th (Tuesday) and 13th (Friday).

Maximum temperatures will remain at normal levels from the 10th (Tuesday) onwards. It looks like it will be refreshing and cheerful during the day. The minimum temperature will also be around normal, and Sapporo will be cold with many days with temperatures in the single digits. It’s cool in the mornings and evenings from Kanto to Kyushu, and it looks like there will be many days when the temperature drops to around 15 degrees Celsius in central Tokyo.

This year, the severe summer heat continued into September, but the season is rapidly progressing from here on out. Please dress appropriately to keep yourself in shape.

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