20 minutes – 3 out of 4 readers want to continue teleworking

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The coronavirus pandemic has left many workers with no choice. They were forced to practice the home office overnight, without really having time to prepare for it. According to our online survey (in which 2,547 people participated from April 14 to 20), the degree of satisfaction expressed by our polls is significant. More than a third (34.2%) consider this experience to be very satisfactory, while 43.4% of the panel rated it as satisfactory. Less than 5% find it completely unsatisfactory. We also note that between their first day of work and this survey (about a month), 42% of our readers have improved their opinion on the home office, while 16% have a judgment that has deteriorated.

A lack of burdensome contact between colleagues

Among the advantages of working from home, saving time on the road comes out on top: for almost one in two polls (48.9%), this is the main advantage. For 16.6%, this first allows for better reconciliation of private and professional life, 14.8% report reduced stress while 12.2% mention in priority a gain in productivity. And the inconvenience? It is the absence of personal contact with colleagues that weighs most, for 36.5% of the panel. Children managing at the same time represent the main difficulty for 183% of respondents, while 11% primarily deplore the loss of collective emulation.

Work not forgotten

Once the containment is complete, what about the work? Our readers express the desire to pursue it. Those who had already practiced the home office before the pandemic are the most motivated: 25% would like to be able to continue full-time and 48% only partially. Among those new to the workplace, the rates are 18.8% and 47.4%. Finally, among all the respondents and regardless of their opinion, 37% think that their business will further promote the home office once the pandemic ends, 28% think the opposite and 33% have no idea!




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