News 20 minutes - The Wendler lives from Laura's influencer...

20 minutes – The Wendler lives from Laura’s influencer wages


The corona crisis also affects Michael Wendler (47), who is unable to pay due to canceled concerts – he has to struggle with major financial losses.


Is the Wendler really bad off financially?

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His girlfriend Laura Müller’s career is going smoothly: After her “Playboy” cover shoot, her participation in “Let’s Dance” and her influencer deals, the account should be full – and the pop singer now benefits from this.

Coronavirus consequences are a “total disaster”

Wendler went live on Instagram on Friday evening with Oliver Pocher (42), who is currently in quarantine with his girlfriend Amira (27).

In the video, the pop singer describes the consequences of the corona virus as a “complete catastrophe”, 50 to 60 of his appearances have been canceled and he no longer earns money.

Precipitation after career push

Especially when Michael Wendler’s 2017 single “Egal” had a surprising success thanks to the parody by Oliver Pocher and the TV duel between the brawlers apparently also provided a career boost: “After our show everything went really well and then Corona came. I think you can buckle in 2020, »said the pop singer in the live video.

So Laura is now bringing the money home alone: ​​According to Pocher’s girlfriend Amira, influencers earn the equivalent of around 5,250 francs per story. As Michael Wendler corrects, the 19-year-old is even more than that – there are also their fees for “Let’s Dance”. “I actually live on Laura’s coal,” admits the pop singer. He also relies on his second mainstay, he rents out apartments in the USA.

The wedding has to wait

At the end of the video, the pop singer also confirms that she wants to marry Laura. “It just fits,” enthuses the Wendler. The wedding break is likely to be a long time coming in the current situation.

“My wallet is empty,” Wendler recently said in an RTL interview that there is currently no ring in it. According to Laura, a chewing gum ring from the machine is enough.




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