20 minutes – When can I buy masks? What do they cost?


How do you feel about the easing of the measures?

No, neither when shopping nor anywhere else. The Federal Council still considers a general obligation to wear a mask to be wrong because masks could lead to disregard of the hygiene rules. It is still more important to comply with the applicable distance and hygiene rules. Masks are only used in addition to protect others.

Masks are also to be used in industries that will soon be able to start operating again. The branch organizations have to develop protection concepts for this, the federal government only provides the framework. Wearing a mask can be recommended or provided for in it, the Federal Council wrote in a notice.

From next week, the federal government will be selling masks to leading retailers. Pharmacies already offer masks today. Lidl has already included the masks in the range. “We sell the masks (box of 50 pieces) for CHF 34.90 (70 centimes per mask)”, it says on request of 20 minutes.

From Thursday Aldi also has masks in the range. A pack of 10 is available for CHF 7.20. That is 72 centimes per mask. Coop will sell the masks at cost price, as the company writes on request of 20 minutes. Details would be worked out in the coming days. Migros has not yet answered a 20 minute request.

The Federal Council emphasized that the retailers do not do business with the masks, but rather sell them on at cost price.

From next week on, the army pharmacy will hand over one million hygiene masks to retailers every day for two weeks. So far, 21 million units have been distributed to the cantons. The federal government’s current inventory includes 18 million hygiene masks.

The Federal Council advises against masks that you have made yourself. Quality and protective function could not be guaranteed. In the meantime, strict controls are in progress when it comes to procuring masks, including by the ABC laboratory in Spiez.

Individual sports such as jogging are already allowed as long as the distance rules are observed. From the beginning of May it should be possible to do sports with several people again, provided there is no physical contact. Tennis and golf are given as examples. There is a clear no to rugby or American football.

The Federal Council assumes that children will not spread the corona virus. They also rarely show symptoms. In cases where children have been infected, studies have shown that they infected their parents. Attending class should not pose an increased risk of infection.

For now, restaurants will remain closed. However, because the catering industry is suffering severely from the loss of revenue due to the lockdown, the Federal Council plans to discuss a relaxation concept by April 29.

Yes, military personnel can have up to two repeat courses credited, depending on the duration of their deployment. The Federal Council has revised its previously negative decision in this regard. The service would already cause damage to the employers, and should not be exacerbated by additional days of service.

In addition, the VBS compensates all members of the army who have provided support service with any wage losses so that they continue to receive 100 percent of their wages.

No, wherever possible work should continue from home. The Federal Council remains in its recommendation in this regard.

That cannot be said at the moment. The Federal Council is carefully opening the economy to reduce the consequences of the lockdown. However, he points out that the measures of the regulation, such as the distance rules and hygiene recommendations, must also be observed. Otherwise there is a risk of a second corona wave and a renewed tightening of the measures.

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