2020 only one day of permafrost in Frankfurt

An Sabine hardly anyone remembers. Only the Frankfurt building department head Jan Schneider (CDU) mentioned the storm low the other day. Because its gusts caused a construction crane to fall onto the roof of the cathedral on the night of February 10th, the renovation work on the church is taking longer than planned, probably until 2022. Most Frankfurters should have long since lost this spectacular storm damage. Too much has happened since then – and not only because of the dominant pandemic, but also from a meteorological point of view.

The summer of the Corona year in particular drew the weather experts and climate researchers attention again. Because of an unusually stable heat wave in August, together with the unusually mild beginning of the year, it played a decisive role in the fact that 2020 was also the second warmest year in Frankfurt since records began. With an average value of 12.13 degrees, last year was almost 2.5 degrees above the official reference value of 9.7 degrees and was just behind 2018 with its 12.48 degrees and even closer to 2014 with 12.11 degrees a. In 2020, Hesse also came in second in the heat top ten after 2018, and with an average value of 10.4 degrees and an increase of 2.2 degrees compared to the long-term normal value of 8.2 degrees, it was exactly within the national average.


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