2023 League of Legends World Championship: Qualifying Teams, Group Draws, and Schedule

2023-09-11 13:09:32

All the qualifying teams for the “League of Legends” 2023 South Korea World Championship were finally determined after the LEC finals in the early morning of 9/11, and the group draws for the qualifying rounds were subsequently held.

This draw will be conducted by the well-known European top laner Odoamne, who will decide the fate of the teams in the finals. Judging from the draw, it is very likely that a PCS civil war will take place in the World Championship.

In the 2023 World Championship, due to the merger of the Turkish division TCL into the European LEC, the Oceania division LCO into the Pacific PCS, and the CIS division LCL, which is still mired in the quagmire of war, is still suspended, the number of qualifying teams has dropped sharply;

Therefore, this year’s play-in tournament has also adopted a new competition system. The fourth seeds from China and South Korea no longer need to compete in the play-in tournament. The number of participating teams in the play-in tournament has been reduced from 12 to 8. The number of places to advance to the main draw has also been significantly reduced, from four to two. .

This time, Riot will first divide the eight teams in the qualifying round into Tier 1 and Tier 2, and then divide the teams into two groups, A and B. Each group will adopt a BO3 double-elimination elimination to determine the top two teams in each group to advance to the qualifying round.

At this time, it is changed to BO5. The first place in Group A will play against the second place in Group B, and the first place in Group B will play against the second place in Group A. Only the two final winners will advance to the main match.

The source of the schedule is Leaguepedia

Due to the Tier classification, the first round of the competition will pit Tier 1 teams against Tier 2 teams. In the end, under the draw rules that the same division is not allowed to be in the same group (only PCS and VCS are affected), the draw groups are as follows:

Group A: VCS first seed GAM, CBLOL first seed LLL, PCS first seed PSG, LLA first seed R7

Group B: WQS (the fourth seed in Europe and America), VCS second seed TW, PCS second seed CFO, LJL first seed DFM

Although the teams in this qualifying round have been determined, there is still one qualification that has not yet been determined, that is, the newly added WQS qualification, which will pit the LEC fourth seed BDS against the LCS fourth seed GG.

The competition time is set on 10/9, the day before the qualifying round, and a BO5 battle will be held in LoLPARK, South Korea. The winner will advance, and the loser will go home.

Image source: LoLEsports

Judging from the current situation, Group A is recognized as a relatively weak group, and the author believes that PSG, which is in Group A, has a high chance of advancing as the first in the group;

Since the CFO of Group B is in the same group as the fourth European and American team, which is the strongest in the qualifying round, it will be difficult for the CFO to win the first place in the group. It is more likely to be second in the group. Then the qualifying round will probably be staged again in the PCS finals. The two PCS teams will only One team can advance to the main draw.

The schedule of the World Championship Qualifiers will be from 10/9 to 10/15. After a four-day break, the World Championship Swiss format will be played for ten days, starting from 10/19 to 10/29, and then starting from 11/2 for eight days. Strong competition, until the finals on 11/19, will determine the strongest League of Legends team in 2023.

Swiss Made Schedule

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