2023 New Era Rural Reading Season: Our Province’s Award-Winning Achievements and Innovations

2023-10-16 01:02:08

Our province won all kinds of awards in the 2023 “New Era Rural Reading Season”. Our province won all kinds of awards in the 2023 “New Era Rural Reading Season”.

Release time: October 16, 2023

Source of information: Liaoning Daily

Recently, the 2023 “New Era Rural Reading Ceremony” jointly organized by the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The event focused on demonstrating the fruitful results of the 2023 “New Era Rural Reading Season”. Our province has achieved excellent results in various awards of the event and continues to be among the best.

In this event, our province was awarded the provincial outstanding promotion unit of the “I Love Reading 100 Days” reading check-in activity. The Printing and Distribution Office of the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department was awarded the 2023 “New Era Rural Reading Season” Excellent Promotion Organization Award. Panjin City University Guo Jiaming of Dabaozi Village in Wa District was named a national rural reading model, and Panjin Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd.’s “Travel with the Textbooks—Xinhua Cultural Train Rural Reading” activity was selected as a demonstration activity in the “New Era Rural Reading Season”. At the same time, three books published by publishing units in our province were selected into the 2023 “100 Books Favored by Farmers”, namely: “Tianxiao: 1921”, “Fate Reversal: The Autobiography of Winter Olympic Champion Xu Mengtao” and “Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Education Manual” 》.

It is understood that in recent years, our province has piloted and promoted the innovation of farmhouse bookstore service models. The “6+” service model experience has been selected as the “National Farmhouse Bookstore Innovation Demonstration Case”, and a farmhouse bookstore administrator has been awarded the title of “China’s Good Person”. Farmhouse bookstores everywhere have read The environment continues to improve, service management is optimized and improved, and utilization and satisfaction are increasing day by day. Relying on the farmhouse bookstore platform, various parts of the province have carried out in-depth brand activities such as the “New Era Rural Reading Season”, “My Bookstore·My Dream” rural children’s reading practice, and “Entering the Bookstore, Building a Dream for the Future”, which have been welcomed by farmers. , the small bookstore is known as the “idea house” and “gas station” for rural revitalization.

Editor in charge: Zhang Jingyu

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