2023 NFL Season Power Rankings, Predictions, and Playoff Tips – Who Will Win the Super Bowl?

2023-09-10 09:00:30

Finally! Kickoff for the first NFL Sunday of the 2023 season!

In addition to our two previews (NFC and AFC), we have also organized a small betting round here.

How do we value these teams? What do we think will happen for each team at the end of the season? Therefore, in addition to our preview, we have created a power ranking.

In the usual way, almost all User Endzone authors took part and submitted their own ranking; the average ranking of the respective team resulted in the rating.

The team with the highest average ranking, and here we agreed with a maximum possible average rating of 32, takes last place.

The team with the lowest average rating leads the ranking – by the way, we already voted before the Chiefs’ defeat against Detroit in the season opener.

Die User Neo, floreich1108, mundafinga, kloisg11, marver711, sportfan_1990, austrianvikings, Dominik1010, patrick__R and MatBshow themselves to be responsible, as they were for the two preview parts, and also put forward a thesis about the record at the end of the season.

After the power ranking, we look into the crystal ball. Who do we predict as the winner of the awards? Who will win the divisions? Who will we see in the Super Bowl?

And don’t forget, we really enjoy reading your comments and discussing them.

Platz Team Bilanz 2022 Prognose 2023 1. Kansas City Chiefs 14-3, Super-Bowl-Champion 13-4 2. Philadelphia Eagles 14-3, Super-Bowl-Verlierer 12-5 3. Cincinnati Bengals 12-4, Championship Game 13-4 4. San Francisco 49ers 13-4, Championship Game 13-4 5. Buffalo Bills 13-3, Divisional Round 12-5 6. Dallas Cowboys 12-5, Divisional Round 12-5 7. Los Angeles Chargers 10-7, Wildcard 10-7 8. Baltimore Ravens 10-7, Wildcard 13-4 9. New York Jets 7-10 11-6 10. Miami Dolphins 9-8, Wildcard 10-7 11. Jacksonville Jaguars 9-8, Divisional Round 11-6 12. Minnesota Vikings 13-4, Wildcard 11-6 13. Detroit Lions 9-8 11-6 14. Seattle Seahawks 9-8, Wildcard 12-5 15. New York Giants 9-7-1, Divisional Round 9-8 16. Cleveland Browns 7-10 9-8 17. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-8 9-8 18. New England Patriots 8-9 8-9 19. New Orleans Saints 7-10 8-9 20. Green Bay Packers 8-9 7-10 21. Denver Broncos 5-12 8-9 22. Tennessee Titans 7-10 8-9 23. Atlanta Falcons 7-10 9-8 24. Las Vegas Raiders 6-11 5-12 25. Chicago Bears 3-14 6-11 26. Carolina Panthers 7-10 6-11 27. Washington Commanders 8-8-1 7-10 28. Los Angeles Rams 5-12 5-12 29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-9, Wildcard 5-12 30. Indianapolis Colts 4-12-1 3-14 31. Houston Texans 3-13-1 4-13 32. Arizona Cardinals 4-13 2-15

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Now let’s get to the promised predictions from our side. There have already been very consistent tips here. Of the seven playoff teams, only eight teams were named in each conference.

In return, the individual awards were already more widely spread, have fun reading:


North: Cincinnati Bengals (named 4 times – Baltimore Ravens, 3 votes)
East: Buffalo Bills (5 – Miami Dolphins, 2)
South: Jacksonville Jaguars (7)
West: Kansas City Chiefs (7)
Wildcard-Teams: Los Angeles Chargers (7), New York Jets (5), Baltimore Ravens (2), Miami Dolphins (2)


North: Detroit Lions (5 – Minnesota Vikings, 2)
East: Philadelphia Eagles (6 – Dallas Cowboys, 1)
South: New Orleans Saints (5 – Atlanta Falcons, 2)
West: San Francisco 49ers (7)
Wildcard-Teams: Seattle Seahawks (7), Dallas Cowboys (6), Minnesota Vikings (5)


MVP: Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs (2), Jalen Hurts – Philadelphia Eagles (2)

(also mentioned: Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills, Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens, Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals)

Offensive Player of the Year: Christian McCaffrey – San Francisco 49ers (2), Justin Jefferson – Minnesota Vikings (2), Ja’Marr Chase – Cincinnati Bengals (2)

(also mentioned: Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins)

Defensive Player of the Year: Micah Parsons – Dallas Cowboys (3)

(weiters genannt: Nick Bosa – San Francisco 49ers (2), Miles Garrett – Cleveland Browns, T.J. Watt – Pittsburgh Steelers)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Bijan Robinson – Atlanta Falcons (5)

(also mentioned: Zay Flowers – Baltimore Ravens, Jordan Addison – Minnesota Vikings)

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Will Anderson Jr. – Houston Texans (5)

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(also mentioned: Brian Branch – Detroit Lions, Devon Witherspoon – Seattle Seahawks)

Comeback Player of the Year: Damar Hamlin – Buffalo Bills (6)

(also mentioned: Calvin Ridley – Jacksonville Jaguars)

Coach of the Year: Doug Pederson – Philadelphia Eagles (2), Dan Campbell – Detroit Lions (2)

(weiters genannt: Sean McDermott – Buffalo Bills, Arthur Smith – Atlanta Falcons, Zac Taylor – Cincinnati Bengals)

First coach to receive the blue letter: Todd Bowles – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5)

(also mentioned: Josh McDaniels – Las Vegas Raiders, Matt Eberflus – Chicago Bears)


There have already been a few different pairings in the Super Bowl tips. What emerged was the Bengals and Eagles, who were each named 4 times, including exactly this pairing 3 times.

The reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, were only mentioned once here. Our LAOLA1 community doesn’t really have a lot of trust in the Chiefs this year that they will deliver right up to the end in the playoffs.

Dominik1010: Cincinnati Bengals – Philadelphia Eagles
floreich1108: Cincinnati Bengals – Philadelphia Eagles
to the mouth: Cincinnati Bengals – Philadelphia Eagles
sportsfan1990: Cincinnati Bengals – San Francisco 49ers
marver711: Buffalo Bills – Philadelphia Eagles
MatB: Buffalo Bills – San Francisco 49ers
Kloisg11: Kansas City Chiefs – New Orleans Saints

And which Super Bowl pairing are you predicting?

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