2023 State Literary Awards Shortlist: First time native poet nominated – 2024-02-20 13:52:18

The announcement of the short lists of the State Literary Awards 2023 of the Ministry of Culture, with the nominations for the State Literature Awards, is of particular importance for our city, as among the candidates for the State Poetry Award is the poet Antonis Skiathas for his poetry collection ” The Architecture of Silence” (ed. AO). It should be noted, in fact, that it is the first time that a native poet is among the candidates for the prize in question.

Hence e“Peloponnisos” newspaper contact him Antonis Skiathaswho created and manages the Office of Poetrythe “Jean Moreas” Poetry Awardsthe Culture Book and the successful one, already 6 years old “International Poetry Festival of Patras”.

As the poet characteristically mentioned: “This nomination fills me with joy as for me poetry is a code of life, it is the daily life of the aesthetics of life, it is the memory of words since writing describes the present and praises the past in the future. This nomination for the state award for poetry in Greek Letters is extremely honorable. Thank you to all the jury members who shortlisted “Architecture of Silence”. My poetic life is rewarded as since I started writing when I was only fifteen until today, several of my works have been published and published, creating my literary everyday life. This nomination comes at a time when publications are being prepared abroad for my work anthologizing poems from its entirety.”

Let’s wish him, therefore, that this pleasant news becomes even more pleasant, with the announcement of the awards.

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