21 meters long, 11,600 handwritten words: Charles was presented with the coronation scroll

Calligrapher Stephanie Gill worked on the so-called coronation scroll for 56 days in a row, she told the couple at the handover at Buckingham Palace. For the first time, the lavishly decorated “coronation roll” is made of paper and not animal skin, in keeping with Charles’ stance on animal welfare.

Charles was impressed at the presentation. “Thank you very much, I can’t tell you how grateful I am,” said the 75-year-old in an interview with the head of the Crown’s office, Antonia Romeo. When his wife Camilla joked that she needed her glasses to read the text, the British leader replied: “At least it’s in English.” The text used to be in Latin or French.

Detailed description of the ceremony

The document is part of a centuries-old tradition of handwriting the coronation of a British monarch. The scroll contains a detailed description of the ceremony on May 6, 2023 at London’s Westminster Abbey and mentions everyone who took part in the historic event – from the procession to the anointing and coronation to describing the most important moments. The paper will be kept in the National Archives in the future.


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