2nd delayed dose: “we could miss it”

The data provided on the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna are not sufficient to decide to postpone the administration of the second dose, argues a virologist.

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“What Public Health is asking us today is to say, ‘we are going to vaccinate the first dose, but we will vaccinate as many people as possible, hoping that by vaccinating as many people as possible, we will reduce hospitalizations and then we will lessen the effects of COVID “”, explains virologist Jacques Lapierre in an interview with LCN.

However, the latter says that it is not known whether this strategy will work since there is a lack of information on the immunity of vaccinated people and the transmission of the virus after vaccination.

“We’re not sure that’s what it’s going to do because in the case of the vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna, the effectiveness of these vaccines has been determined by saying that they protect against serious diseases. . So you won’t have COVID in a very serious way, ”says Lapierre.

The virologist recalls that the vaccines are approved after three phases of clinical trials.

The use of vaccines should therefore be done in accordance with the conclusions of the trials, which led to the approval of the vaccines by bodies such as Health Canada or the FDA in the United States.

“If I decide to take an action with a vaccine, I always have to make sure that this action is covered by clinical trials or at least discuss with the clinicians of the companies that made the vaccine or that have done clinical trials to try to establish what impact it will have, ”advises Jacques Lapierre.

He also adds that several people extrapolate on the administration of vaccines while specialists lack information on the new technology used in new vaccines against COVID-19.

“We make extrapolations, but on other technologies that we know better with which we have more experience,” he notes.


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