A few days before the election schedule, the Election Commissioner resigned

New elections are to be held in India in April-May this year, but the sudden resignation of the Election Commissioner just a few days before the election schedule has created a stir.

According to foreign media, general elections will be held in India in April-May this year, which is expected to be announced in the next few days, but before that, India’s Election Commissioner Arun Goyal has suddenly resigned from his post, after which three officials Only the Chief Election Commissioner has remained in the Election Commission.

Arun Goyal took office as the Election Commissioner in November 2022, but he did not give the reasons for his resignation and the spokesperson of the Election Commission also expressed ignorance about the reasons for his resignation.

According to India’s Ministry of Law and Justice, Indian President Draupadi Murmu has accepted Arun Goyal’s resignation.

Arun Goyal was one of the three top officials of the Election Commission of India who are empowered to conduct elections involving over 96 crore registered voters. However, after his sudden resignation, the Election Commission is now left with Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar as the other Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey retired last month.

Opposition parties have expressed reservations after Arun Goyal’s resignation.

The Congress president has said in this regard that there is a need to abandon the attitude of systematically restricting independent institutions in India.

It should be noted that the election commissioner in India is appointed by a panel headed by the prime minister, consisting of the leader of the opposition and a federal minister nominated by the prime minister.

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