‘Muertos SL’ sprinkles daily life in a funeral home with black humor | Television

The actor Carlos Areces has a collection of about 150 photographs in his home post mortem which in 2021 he compiled in a book. There is possibly no more appropriate person to lead the cast of a comedy set in a funeral home. “My relationship with death, I suppose, is like most people’s: it obsesses … Read more

Karuvarakund: Environmental Issues and Narcotic Drug Problems in the Hilly Region

2023-12-17 20:22:00 Karuvarakund: Karuvarakundil, a hilly area, is also an environmental issue. Widespread use and marketing of narcotic drugs across countries Complaint that the police is inactive. Narcotic addiction among some youth and teenagers in the region The meeting has increased. Its marketing is also carried out by such groups. Apart from alcohol and cannabis, … Read more

Star Academy Bonus: Etienne Carbonnier Deciphers Nikos’ Magic Trick and Analyzes the Latest Eliminations

2023-12-11 20:05:00 Like every Monday, Etienne Carbonnier returns to the Star Academy bonus. And like every Saturday, Nikos sold us dreams at the start of the evening, before trying his hand at a little magic trick. His number 1 strong point: furnishing when there are holes, but that was without counting on the eye of … Read more

The Hidden Health Risks of Eating Pasta Daily: What You Need to Know

2023-12-10 23:36:34 Al-Marsad newspaper: Many people prefer to eat pasta daily because of its delicious taste, without knowing its effect on health. Regarding the effect of eating all kinds of pasta daily on the body’s health, the following is stated: 1- Risk of diabetes: High-carbohydrate diets can increase the risk of diabetes, and since pasta … Read more

Kottayam NDA Front: Political Alliance and Elections in Kerala

2023-12-09 22:39:00 Kottayam: Politicians join NDA front in Lok Sabha elections People of Kerala to accept the status quo. BJP is the People’s Secular State Committee which joined Kottayam yesterday. Decided to be a part of the front. Chairman to discuss this with NDA leadership P.C. George, leaders E.K. Hasan Kutty, George Joseph Kakanat, M.S. … Read more

High-Speed Laboratory Testing at Mancheri Government Medical College Hospital: Results in 1000 Samples Per Hour

2023-12-09 22:52:00 Mancheri: Lab Pari at Mancheri Government Medical College Hospital The exam results will be available very quickly. 1000 samples per hour in Medical College Hospital Laboratory A machine has been installed to conduct the examination. A fully automatic analyzer has been installed. Nutana Samvidhanam was prepared at a cost of 35 lakh rupees. … Read more

Nilambur Municipal Council Organizing Committee for Vam Tourism Festival 2024

2023-12-09 22:52:00 Nilambur: UNESCO Learning City Nilambur Municipal Council Nilambur Patutsa Forming the Organizing Committee of Vam Tourism Festival 2024 Municipal Council President Mattummal Saleem inaugurated it. P.V. Abdul Wahab MP, P.V. Anwar MLA and Nilambur Ayesha were saved. Yi Karatan Sulaiman, Ummerkoya, E. Padmakshan, Ravindran Chunkathara, Mujeeb Rahman Moorkan, T.J. Nilambur, Alice Mathew was … Read more

Mukkam: Youth March organized by Youth League District Committee Thiruvambadi Mandal Toured – Event Highlights and Participants

2023-12-09 21:58:00 Mukkam: Youth March organized by Youth League District Committee Thiruvambadi Mandal Toured. Welcome Committee Chairman C.K. Kasim and General Convener V.P.A. The procession was accepted under the leadership of Jalil. Temple Committee President Raje the team that reached the Shesham Trikudamanna Shiva Temple. Shan Vellaramkunnath, Secretary Sasi Uralikun, Treasurer Prakash Tharomkandi, Melshanthi Narayanan … Read more