early increase in cases of this disease at the end of September

2023-09-28 16:24:23 Public Health France notes an early increase in activity linked to bronchiolitis, but indicates that it still remains at a “low level”. Soon the return of a bronchiolitis epidemic? According to the latest figures from Public Health France (SpF), an increase in activity “early» linked to bronchiolitis is observed. SpF indeed reports an … Read more

Essential Foods for a Healthy Heart: A Guide from Mayo Clinic

2023-09-28 18:05:05 Eating a healthy diet is one of the first steps to preserving and caring for your heart health. Diet plays a very important role in the reduction and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. If you have ever heard the phrase “we are what we eat”, you will understand that part of daily nutrition has … Read more

The Deterioration of Female Mental Health: Understanding the Causes and Finding Solutions for Women’s Well-being

2023-09-29 06:49:59 Marian Rojas Estapépsychiatrist, writer and popularizer, is one of the most listened to voices today regarding mental health and personal growth. This week I inaugurated the IV Women and Leadership in Health Forum organized by the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, and also reflected on the main causes of deterioration of female mental health. … Read more

Breast cancer: a hunt for the heart of cells and a hope of interception

2023-09-29 04:55:00 In L’“infinitely small”this head of a team from the Institut Curie would like to understand, “in women who are not yet sick but with a genetic predisposition, if we can detect early abnormalities in the cells at the molecular level”she explains ahead of Pink October, the month dedicated to breast cancer screening. The … Read more

Preventing and Treating Oil Burns: Expert Tips for Holiday Cooking Safety

2023-09-29 02:00:00 Money Today Reporter Jeong Sim-gyo | 2023.09.29 11:00 One of the most common injuries during the holidays is ‘oil burn’. When frying pancakes or grilling meat, the temperature of the oil soars to a whopping 170 to 190 degrees. If you accidentally burn your hand with such hot oil or oil droplets splash … Read more

Broad support for vaccination offers in pharmacies

2023-09-29 04:00:30 Senior representatives and patient advocates emphasize benefits for the population, vaccination doctor confirms quality of pharmacist vaccination training Vienna (OTS) – 2,000 pharmacists have already completed the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists’ vaccination training. They are available in 1,000 pharmacies nationwide to offer people an influenza or COVID-19 booster vaccination close to home, safely … Read more