Insurance companies will take selfies of clients to detect diseases with the help of AI

Las insurers will request their customers take one selfie –or self-portrait with up telephone cell phone or mobile device–, to detect diseases through the Artificial intelligence (IA) and digital recognition systems. The general director of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), Norma Alicia Rosas, reported that this system aims to analyze the physiology of … Read more

the largest pension is still 43,000 euros per month

Citing data security laws, VSAA does not disclose details of who is the recipient of the country’s largest pension. However, the institution states that a significant amount of the pension was achieved as a result of recalculations related to the deductions of solidarity tax on old-age pensions. At the same time, the next four largest … Read more

5 benefits of using your credit card on vacation

Tu card of creditnot only can it save you from a fraud and offer you greater securitybut it even offers you trips free, insurance and personalized assistance to locate the best offers tourist in these vacation of Easter. Although many do not believe, the plastics Banking institutions are equipped with a series of securitypolicies against … Read more

Latvian insurance companies’ turnover has increased significantly

In 2023, Latvian insurance companies and branches of foreign insurance companies wrote a total of EUR 1.119 billion in gross premiums, compared to EUR 998.682 million in 2022. In turn, in the form of gross compensation, insurers paid a total of 710.931 million euros compared to 642.558 million euros a year earlier. The amount of … Read more

Five Lottery winning numbers in week 11

The winning numbers of the 11th week of the Ötöslottó were drawn, and the draw was also broadcast live by Pénzcentrum. Did someone take the 450 million jackpot? After two successful weeks, we turned to the Five Lottery draw, which is why this week’s prize is HUF 450 million. Below, we’ll show you if anyone … Read more

weather, news, exchange rates, name day (March 8, 2024)

Life doesn’t stop on Friday because the weekend is approaching: the Pénzcentrum helps you stay up-to-date. We have collected the most important news, but you don’t have to click separately for the current exchange rates, weather report, and promotions, read everything in one place! Friday, March 8, 2024. Name day Zoltán The latest news, in … Read more

Until the end of January, the choice of insurance category for 2024 – 2024-03-07 03:25:29

On 20.12.2023, the special electronic platform of the e-EFKA for choosing an insurance category for the new year (2024) was put into operation. The deadline for submitting the application – declaration of insurance is 31.1.2024 The insured self-employed, self-employed and farmers can, through the e-EFKA platform, freely choose the insurance category in which they wish … Read more

Skrekas: The consolidation of a new insurance culture and awareness is necessary – 2024-03-04 16:50:10

The Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, emphasized the necessity for establishing a new insurance culture and consciousness, especially with the severe weather phenomena, at the Cooperative Insurance event for the announcement of its new name, SYNDEA. Specifically, Mr. Skrekas pointed out: “The new demands of everyday life and especially with the severe weather phenomena, create … Read more