Five Lottery winning numbers in week 11

The winning numbers of the 11th week of the Ötöslottó were drawn, and the draw was also broadcast live by Pénzcentrum. Did someone take the 450 million jackpot? After two successful weeks, we turned to the Five Lottery draw, which is why this week’s prize is HUF 450 million. Below, we’ll show you if anyone … Read more

weather, news, exchange rates, name day (March 8, 2024)

Life doesn’t stop on Friday because the weekend is approaching: the Pénzcentrum helps you stay up-to-date. We have collected the most important news, but you don’t have to click separately for the current exchange rates, weather report, and promotions, read everything in one place! Friday, March 8, 2024. Name day Zoltán The latest news, in … Read more

weather, news, exchange rates, name day (February 4, 2024)

Don’t miss the news on Sunday! Are you going to church, but don’t know if you need an umbrella? Are you out of breadcrumbs, but don’t know where to get them on sale? Did you miss the lottery draw? Now you can find all the information in one place! We show you what Sunday brings. … Read more

An heiress worth 3.8 billion euros is looking for 50 people to decide what to do with part of her inheritance

Marlene Engelhorn, 31-year-old Austro-German heiress One of the dreams of many people is to become millionaires. Therefore, they spend their lives trying to earn more money, in order to live better; others choose to leave their luck in the hands of chance and play the lottery or Euromillion; and to others it simply comes to … Read more

The Impact of OSFI’s Turnaround on Mortgage Renewals: What You Need to Know

2023-11-04 08:00:00 It’s deplorable. The situation became clearer in mid-October. “Clarify” isn’t quite the right word. We should rather speak of a “turnaround” as spectacular as it was unexpected. Because the rules could not be said to be equivocal, they were applied uniformly by the entire industry. I touched on the subject briefly in a … Read more

Optimizing Tax Efficiency: Understanding Movable Donations and Tax Obligations

2023-10-25 17:39:00 The system targets only two types of movable donations – manual (a sum of money in cash, for example) and indirect (a bank transfer without communication) – because these are not subject to the registration obligation. , which allows donees to avoid paying gift tax, the rate of which is 3%. Other donations, … Read more

What would you do if your dog eats all your dollar savings?

2023-10-12 06:00:00 Laura, a woman from Mexico, showed how her dog “Chavito” tore up a sum of cash that amounted to about 2 thousand dollars. The video quickly went viral, accumulating more than 1.5 million views and thousands of likes. Special channel viral videos of The Voice In the video, Chavito is captured with a … Read more

growth: View: India’s growth story may not have a happy ending

2023-10-03 04:32:16 Indian households are saving less than they have for half a century. According to the Reserve Bank of India, net household savings in 2022-23 — the Indian financial year runs from April to March — were only 5.1% of gross domestic product. That’s down from 8% of GDP in 2019-20 and 11.5% in … Read more