Ministry of Development: EUR 300 million boost for investment projects with a total budget of EUR 632 million – 2024-04-16 19:15:57

The budget funds for the strengthening of the investment projects that fall under the regime “Processing – Supply Chain – First Cycle” of the Development Law 4887/2022 have been doubled. With a Joint Ministerial Decision co-signed by the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance, Nikolaos Papathanasis and the … Read more

5 personal finance tips for older adults

Los older adults They are a very essential part of our environment socialso it is important that they receive the necessary personal attention as active users of the Finance system and that they are served with a wide range of skillstools, respect and above all sensitivity. Director of Education Financial of CitibanamexJuan Luis Ordaz, explained … Read more

Latvian military assistance to Ukraine will amount to about 112 million euros

Latvian military assistance to Ukraine for three years will amount to 0.25% of GDP. In 2024, 0.25% of GDP will amount to about 112 million euros. Appropriate funding for these purposes will be allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Defense. Latvian military assistance to Ukraine this year and over the next two years … Read more

The 2024 budget was passed with 286 million euros: Harsh austerity in the Municipality of Patreon – Criticism of the opposition – 2024-03-23 21:34:08

With a meeting that did not last many hours and the description of a modest plan for 2024 that possibly serves the municipal authority’s narrative of “tight” financial data, the budget of the Municipality of Patreon was voted yesterday, which is “accountably balanced” at approximately 286 million €. Absence of the mayor Kostas Peletidis, who … Read more

Budget: A 14.4% increase in revenue in the January period – 2024-03-17 21:54:34

Provisional figures for the implementation of the state budget for the period January – February 2024 show a surplus of 1,460 million euros. This is significantly higher than the €101 million surplus target set for 2024, and also higher than the €2,308 million surplus recorded in the corresponding period of 2023. The primary result on … Read more

Budget limitations are claimed to be the trigger for the KJMU polemic – 2024-03-16 14:07:28

Illustration KJMU (Doc. Pemprov DKI Jakarta) HEAD of the DKI Jakarta Regional Financial Management Agency (BPKD) Michael Rolandi said that limited regional budget allocations were one of the causes of the Jakarta Superior Student Card (KJMU) polemic. He explained that regional governments are required to allocate 20 percent of the APBD for education, 10 percent … Read more

5 billion FCFA to pay for the 2024-2025 back-to-school allowance in Gabon –

Participants in the launching ceremony of the ARS 2024-2025 campaign on March 4 in Libreville © The Director General of the Pension and Family Benefits Fund for State Employees (CPPF), Carl Ngueba Boutoundou, announced Monday March 4, 2024 during the launch ceremony of the 2024-2025 Back-to-School Allowance Campaign school (ARS), that the State has … Read more