World Cup Group G: Switzerland beats Cameroon 1-0

global current affairs 4AbVHyjRwvearticleWorld Cup Group G: Switzerland beats Cameroon 4AbTttsfzrRarticleSyrian Experts: U.S. Illegal Military Presence Hinders Resolution of Syrian 4AbTF1Bi40EarticleDeath toll rises to 272 in Indonesia’s West Java 4AbIjOFnOJQarticlePromote the common development and progress of all countries in the world (global hotspots) 4AbWj4mxDr4articleCentral Meteorological Observatory: There are heavy fog in Huanghuai … Read more

Nestlé launches its ‘voie gras’ in Spain and Switzerland, the vegan alternative for those who prioritize animal welfare | companies

The Swiss food giant Nestlé winks at its non-carnivorous customers and announces the sale of its new product in Spain and Switzerland fatty way: and foie gras vegan with which he hopes to fill the Christmas tables of his consumers most concerned about animal welfare. Traditionally, the foie gras Liver pâté is made from obese … Read more

FIFA World Cup 2022 switzerland wins for one goal against cameroon | FIFA World Cup 2022: Switzerland beat Cameroon

Doha: Switzerland beat Cameroon 0-0 in Group G. Briel Embola scored the winning goal for Switzerland in the 48th minute. Although it was Cameroon who played a full field, the victory went to Switzerland. It was Cameron who played attacking from the start. Many opportunities were also created. However, he did not reach the goal. … Read more

A country without a capital! – Interesting facts Switzerland Padhippura

You can start your next journey from Kashmir after eating a curry called Nadru Yakhni, which is prepared using lotus stems, and a roti called Lavasa. Aren’t the Kashmiris eating the national flower? There is one more country whose national flower is the lotus – Egypt. When talking about Kashmir, the most popular epithet is … Read more

Swiss prosecutors appeal acquittal of Platini and Blatter

Geneva (AFP) The Swiss Public Prosecution announced that it had decided to appeal the acquittal of Frenchman Michel Platini and former FIFA President Sepp Blatter in a fraud case.The statement stated that the Public Prosecution Office sent an appeal statement to the Appeals Court of the Federal Criminal Court within the statutory period and “requested … Read more

Justice investigates for fraud a company that offered checking accounts in Switzerland – Publimetro Chile

By Marcial Gonzalez Heads October 14, 2022 at 6:50 p.m. The Fourth Guarantee Court of Santiago welcomed a dozen complaints against Magenta Capitala company that, through the Internet, advertised and claimed to offer current accounts in Switzerland, in order to “safeguard” the assets of its clients. However, a 24 Hours report collects the testimony of … Read more