this month dedicated to prostate and testicular cancer

Movember: this month of November dedicated to prostate and testicular cancer. The most common cancer (16%) in Switzerland and the deadliest (8%) in men, but which can largely be cured if caught in time. This is the case of Jean-Pierre. This patient, operated about fifteen years ago at the Grangettes. Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes has … Read more

A project to promote the employment of the low-skilled

The “Manoeuvre your next generation” program was launched in Geneva. Resulting from a public-private partnership, the project of Réalise and the General Hospice aims to train candidates with little or no qualifications in structural work. February 2022, twelve candidates embark on the pilot project of “Manoeuvre your successor”. On this first batch, two thirds passed … Read more

“I am actively involved because we have to make things happen”

The French actor and director visited children hospitalized at HUG this Friday. Sponsor of the Edhen philanthropic fund, he explains to us why solidarity is essential. This afternoon, Elie Semoun was at the HUG at the bedside of sick children. “I chatted and laughed with them. It’s trying for us, but I think we brought … Read more

Christian Brunier: “Incitement has limits”

SIG announced on Wednesday a price increase of 22% on average for 2023. “A limited increase” according to the managing director of the management, he explains why. “All distributors in Europe are announcing an increase. With us it is relatively limited because we have some very cautious contracts that we signed at a time when … Read more

“The MoonSwatch is an absolute stroke of commercial genius”

The Geneva Watch Days open this Monday in the city of Calvin. The opportunity to see that watchmaking is doing well in the company of Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the Bulgari brand. Until Thursday, September 1, the watchmaking high mass will be set up in Geneva and intended for both specialists and the general public. … Read more