At night, the time changed from winter to summer, and people slept an hour less | Homemade

On the night of Saturday 30th to Sunday 31st March, time moved forward one hour. The time change took place between two and three in the morning. The change of time is criticized not only by experts, but it is still not about to change. Don’t forget to rewind the clock After waking up today, … Read more

Chlum u Třeboň mourns after the church fire. The parish thanked the firefighters News | Budějská Drbna

The South Bohemian town of Chlum u Třeboně has had a difficult night. Firefighters responded to the fire at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which broke out on Monday before 6 p.m. The investigation continues at the scene today. The Roman Catholic parish of Chlum u Třeboň is now waiting for … Read more

What are you complaining about? The Ombudsman reported what the residents of Latvia are dissatisfied with

Vsenarodnaya vest is crying Over the past year, residents of Latvia and foreigners staying with us quite actively contacted the Ombudsman’s Office – 1,718 times, compared to 1,634 in 2022. But here’s what’s interesting: children’s issues are considered the most worrying in the country, complaints about which have increased from 238 to 405 times. On … Read more

Macron multiplies progressive gestures after his conservative turn |

Emmanuel Macron seems determined to deny those who try to pigeonhole him ideologically. The French president came to power seven years ago stating that he was neither left nor right, or both at the same time. He was the famous at the same time, his favorite catchphrase. But from the left he is criticized for … Read more

The threats from Ayuso’s chief of staff reveal the PP’s nervousness over the scandal involving the president’s partner | Spain

The message that Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, chief of staff of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has posted in the biography of his official X account (formerly Twitter) reads: “I am saddened by the increasingly lower level of Spanish public life ”. His last tweet, from March 14, says: “After the disproportionate attack by the … Read more

The renowned doctor Miloš Velemínský died. He was a pioneer in newborn care in the Czech Republic Company | News | Budějská Drbna

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the respected doctor, educator and scientist Miloš Velemínský died. The information was published on its website by the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia. Velemínský was 87 years old. Among other things, he was responsible for establishing the first intensive care department … Read more

There will be a via ferrata in the south of Bohemia. It will be created thanks to the participatory budget | News | Budějská Drbna

The construction of a new via ferrata will start this week in Písek. It will be created thanks to a participatory budget on the Wenceslas Rocks. People must therefore expect limited access on the path that leads from the swimming pool along the river and on the rock below Wenceslas. “After an expert assessment of … Read more

José Luis Sastre: “Journalism needs to ask itself if we have sensors well connected to reality” | Television

When he was born in November Sastre and Maldonadohe videopodcast of the journalist José Luis Sastre and the comedian Miguel Maldonado, he did it with the challenge of differentiating himself from the other thousands of podcasts which, like yours, are two gentlemen talking. Just over 10 broadcasts later, it has already exceeded one million views … Read more