“15 Years of Impact Journalism: Celebrating Mediapart’s Anniversary with Co-Founder Edwy Plenel”

2023-05-23 09:44:32 Published on : 23/05/2023 – 11:44 Journalist Edwy Plenel is the co-founder and president of Mediapart, an independent information and investigation site which is celebrating its 15th anniversary. For the occasion, it is republishing 15 emblematic surveys, some of which have marked French democratic history. For Edwy Plenel, this “impact journalism” must be … Read more

“AL.com’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Local Journalism: Why It Matters for Democracy”

2023-05-09 00:24:48 When the news website AL.com was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for local reporting on Monday afternoon New York time, the approximately 75 employees in Birmingham, Alabama, must have been very happy. In a series of articles, a team of reporters revealed how police in the neighboring town of Brookside deliberately ambushed residents in … Read more

“Una Semana en el Mundo: Examining Press Freedom in Latin America”

2023-05-06 23:25:00 First modification: 07/05/2023 – 01:25 Thirty years have passed since the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to proclaim World Press Freedom Day, and Latin America continues to lead in this matter: different countries in the region are the scene of persecution of journalists, threats, murders, accusations and censorship, among other aspects. … Read more

“Revolutionizing Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Game in the Development of Antibodies and Drugs”

2023-05-06 17:25:00 Artificial intelligence and the consequences of its use have been criticized on a wide variety of fronts, but there are sectors that would benefit Artificial intelligence, so criticized for some of its negative consequences, could generate a before and after in medicine by having the possibility of developing antibodies that make it possible … Read more

Vanity series, episode 10, with subtitles, hd, on EgyBest Washington life

2023-04-23 22:01:00 Vanity series, episode 10, with subtitles hd, on EgyBest. Millions of followers are searching greatly for the Turkish vanity series, episode 10. The vanity series is considered one of the most watched and followed Turkish dramas, and the Hayat Washington team will provide you with everything related to the vanity series, episode 10, … Read more

Download the Harley Legend of the Asphalt movie by Mohamed Ramadan 2023 in full HD on Egybest || Watch the movie Harley | Washington life

2023-04-23 05:57:35 Download and watch the Harley Legend of the Asphalt movie by Mohamed Ramadan 2023 in full HD quality on EgyBest, My Cima, and Cima Foreo And on the first days of Eid Al-Fitr, this film was shown in Egyptian cinemas, which witnessed a wide turnout of hundreds of thousands of viewers, who are … Read more