We’ve got launched vital investments for Synthetic Intelligence in well being – 2024-05-16 00:39:47

Amongst different issues, the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, spoke concerning the challenges in public well being and the utilization of Synthetic Intelligence, on the fifth Convention entitled “The Well being System and the Challenges of the Future” on the Athens Conservatory. “We’ve got an obligation to appropriate key weaknesses within the system. It is very … Read more

“Digital Week” might be held in Latvia. Highlight on synthetic intelligence

Throughout Digital Week, which can happen for the fifteenth time, Latvian residents and companies are invited to concentrate to their digital literacy and digital id. On Might 13, there might be occasions devoted to common digital literacy and the advantages of synthetic intelligence. The occasion might be broadcast on LIKTA and different companions’ Fb pages. … Read more

AI called a threat to intelligent life in the Universe

A superintelligent form of AI (ASI), which surpasses human intelligence and is capable of learning on its own, can play the role of a “great filter”, that is, be an insurmountable obstacle preventing the emergence of advanced civilizations endowed with the ability to explore large outer spaces. According to experts, the rapid development of artificial … Read more

Spain increased purchases of Russian gas amid sanctions

In April of this year, the country purchased more than 5.3 thousand GWh of Russian LNG (or one fifth of the total import volume). Thus, the Russian Federation found itself in second place among the largest suppliers of raw materials to the country. Algeria took first place. From January to April 2024, Spain purchased more … Read more

Artificial intelligence has already learned to lie to people and can become dangerous

Many artificial intelligence (AI) systems have already learned how to deceive people, including those that were trained to remain honest. This was shown by a study published in the journal Patterns. Scientists analyzed reports of how artificial intelligence systems use false information. The most striking example was the CICERO algorithm, which was trained in the … Read more

Russia can occupy the Baltic countries within seven days

The biggest unknown factor in the war, he said, is Europe. Unless Ukraine’s neighbors find a way to further increase defense production to help Kyiv, they too will eventually find themselves caught in Russia’s crossfire. “The Russians will occupy the Baltic countries within seven days. NATO’s response time is ten days,” he said. He also … Read more

Ukraine withdrew Abrams tanks from the front because of drones – AP

Two American military officials spoke to journalists on condition of anonymity about the Ukrainians’ withdrawal of Abrams from the front, and the Deputy Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in an interview with AP said that the American and Ukrainian militaries are now thinking together about how to use tanks in the new … Read more

AI-Generated Misinformation: The Threat in the 2024 Election Year

2024-04-26 02:43:13 AI-generated misinformation is seen as the biggest threat in the 2024 election year Heading into the 2024 election year, AI-generated misinformation is becoming more dangerous for internet and social media users. Straight Arrow News A Baltimore High School athletic director was arrested Thursday and charged with using artificial intelligence to impersonate a principal … Read more