“CIA offers easy ways to leak information about the dark web for Russians”

2023-05-16 05:22:50 The US intelligence agency hopes that by showing simple ways to leak information about the “dark web“, she will convince Russians to inform her. Published on 05/16/2023 at 07:22update on 05/16/2023 at 07:33 This content is not accessible. The video was posted on Telegram, which has been heavily used by Russians since the … Read more

“Revolutionizing Dentistry: The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Tooth Treatment and Beautification”

2023-05-12 20:01:58 Sky News stated that artificial intelligence has increased its importance in the health sector, especially in areas that require accurate assessment of health problems, such as dentistry, as its techniques contribute to the treatment and beautification of tooth roots, and simulate the traditional method of treatment, but faster and more accurately. Despite its … Read more

“Head of Ukrainian Defense Ministry Intelligence Promises to ‘Kill Russians Anywhere in the World’: Latest Updates and Accusations”

2023-05-08 00:56:40 Kirill Budanov, head of the main intelligence department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, promised to “kill Russians anywhere in the world.” This is how he commented on the question of Kyiv’s involvement in the murder of Daria Dugina in the Moscow region. At the same time, the head of military intelligence did not … Read more

“China’s plan to take advantage of US debt default: Top Intelligence Agency Director warns”

2023-05-04 14:09:00 Director of National Intelligence Haynes, the top US intelligence agency, said that if the US were to default on its debts, China would be expected to use it as an opportunity. FILE PHOTO: Washington, D.C., April 4, 2023. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque [ワシントン 4日 ロイター] – Director of National Intelligence Haynes, the top US intelligence … Read more

“The Threat of Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Stephen Hawking’s ‘Short Answers to the Big Questions'”

2023-05-04 17:30:05 For a few months, artificial intelligence (AI) has been becoming more and more established in our daily lives. Technologies like ChatGPT, capable of answering all our questions or carrying out our written tasks, are once again changing the communication paradigm. However, everything that is advanced is also threatened or, at least, that is … Read more

Dropbox will lay off 500 people to switch to artificial intelligence

2023-04-27 17:00:00 Dropbox will lay off about 500 employees, making up about 16 percent of the company’s total workforce. In a note to employees, the company’s CEO, Drew Houston, attributes the layoffs to the struggling economy, but also adds that the cuts will allow the company to build out its own artificial intelligence division. As … Read more