Tesla began closing departments due to financial problems

The reason for the decision was unsatisfactory financial performance. In 2023, price wars led to revenue problems. Despite delivering a record 1.81 million electric vehicles, the manufacturer’s profits have only declined. Before this, Tesla management assured in an internal mailing that it would fire only ten percent of employees, and they would try to retain … Read more

It became known about the reasons for the breakdown of peace negotiations between Kiev and Moscow

Since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations have held several meetings to discuss a peace agreement between the countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin subsequently stated that the agreement was ready, but its signing was thwarted by Ukraine. The material states that no final texts were … Read more

Why do they drink alcohol in Latvia? And why are there those who don’t drink a drop?

Not drinking alcohol is almost like radicalism Despite the fact that Latvia is currently considered the leader in alcohol consumption in the world, in practice it is clear that in certain groups of society the role of strong drinks is decreasing. Those who never exceed the legal limit of alcohol are residents with high incomes … Read more

A shame!? Microsoft couldn’t fix Windows bug for two years

Microosft Corporation announced that it has fixed an issue where users of Windows 10 and some Intel processors could not update to the latest version of the OS. About it reports BleepingComputer edition. The bug prevented Windows 10 from being upgraded to 11 if the consumer was using a computer based on an 11th generation … Read more

In honor of the 110th anniversary, Maserati introduced a convertible

Like the sister GranTurismo, the new GranCabrio is built on the patented Maserati Atlantis platform with an operating voltage of the battery pack of 800 V. The company’s engineers have been developing it since 2017. The design integrates a fast DC charger, which in 5 minutes restores enough energy to cover 100 km, and charging … Read more

Do we send almost unused cars to Ukraine to buy new ones?

It’s not a pity that few used cars are sent to the Ukrainian Front, but isn’t this a waste of valuable municipal property and why did they have to buy new ones instead?! Or, if “Rīgas meži” has nowhere to put the money, why couldn’t they donate money to Ukraine in the amount of the … Read more

Some sports federations demand the re-election of the LOC president

LTV claims that the federations believe that the current president of the LOC, Janis Buks, did not fight enough for sports funding and common interests. Bux himself is ready to continue working at LOK. Representatives of 21 sports federations expressed their desire to hold elections for the President of the LOC earlier than originally planned … Read more

Black hole-like quantum encryptors discovered

The scientists used a mathematical tool called out-of-time-order correlators, or OTOCs, which are considered a measure of quantum chaos. OTOCs were invented 55 years ago to calculate how electrons in superconductors are affected by disturbances caused by impurities. This influence is similar to the “butterfly flapping effect” that mathematician Edward Lorenz used to illustrate chaos … Read more