The Ban on Tobacco Vending Machines in Belgium: Impact, Reactions, and Legal Challenges

2023-11-23 15:42:52 The Constitutional Court judges that this measure is reasonably justified having regard to the significant risks to public health which accompany the wide availability of tobacco products, as well as the attractiveness exerted by these vending machines and their accessibility. of videos The ban contained in a law of November 29, 2022 will … Read more

Regulating Food and Drink Vending Machines in Malmedy: The First Municipality in Wallonia to Implement Regulations

2023-10-27 14:18:24 In Malmedy, there are obviously quite a few food and drink vending machines proliferating. Very practical machines in many cases, but which still have drawbacks. Malmedy is one of the rare municipalities in Wallonia to ask questions regarding this topic. In any case, according to Mayor Jean-Paul Bastin, it is the first municipality … Read more

“We also have a trash radar”: The Presence of Mobile Radars and How They Evade Detection

2023-10-11 12:30:00 “We also have a trash radar”: how mobile radars hide to better flash you… Par Yannick Hallet Drivers have the impression that mobile radars are now less present on the roads, because of the network of section radars and fixed boxes. They are wrong, unfortunately for their wallets… of videos This is particularly … Read more

Wayve demonstrates that the GAIA-1 autonomous driving world model can predict events_Video_Action_Video

2023-10-09 14:52:00 Original title: Wayve demonstrates how GAIA-1 autonomous driving world model can predict events DoNews reported on October 9 that Wayve, a British AI startup, recently announced the latest progress of its GAIA-1 generative model. According to IT House reports, in June, Wayve established a proof-of-concept for using generative models for autonomous driving. In … Read more

Microsoft’s AI companion Copilot is shockingly released!Or will change the way you use Windows 11 and Microsoft 365_Bing_user_features

2023-09-22 09:34:00 Original title: Microsoft’s AI companion Copilot is shockingly released!It may change the way you use Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 last night,Microsoft has launched Copilot, an artificial intelligence (AI) companion that users can use in Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and Edge and Bing browsers.It is available both as an application and can be … Read more

Revolutionary Self-Controlled Fire Extinguishers for Dubai Taxis and School Buses: Ensuring Passenger Safety and Property Protection

2023-09-19 02:49:09 Dubai: Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) school buses and taxis Self-controlled fire extinguishers were also installed. If the vehicle’s engine catches fire in extreme heat, it automatically shuts off. The design of the device is the way it can be washed. It does not require human intervention to operate. Locate the part of the … Read more