Official Announcement: Guangdong Team Signs 2 Foreign Players for New Season Championship

2023-09-05 05:06:00 Original title: Official announcement! What is the probability of the Guangdong team officially signing 2 foreign players to win the championship in the new season? As the start of the new CBA season is getting closer, who is the new foreign aid of the Guangdong team has also attracted the attention of many … Read more

Chengchi University’s Victorious Journey in World University Basketball Series

2023-08-12 09:56:00 “Basketball” Watching Lin Yanting enter the CBA, I have a lot of imagination Chengchi University defeated NCAA Division I Radford University to advance to the World University Basketball Series Championship Yahoo Kimo SportsWUBS / Advance to Championship Game!National Chengchi University defeated NCAA Division I school Radford University by 4 points | Basketball … Read more

Exposed: The Emotional Deception of Chinese Basketball Star Xu Jie

2023-08-10 03:03:26 Lu basketball national player Xu Jie plays for the Guangdong South China Tigers of the CBA. (Picture/Flip Xu Jie Weibo) Xu Jie, a national basketball player in mainland China, plays for the Guangdong South China Tigers of the CBA. Recently, he was exposed by his ex-girlfriend. He was an emotional liar and asked … Read more

Riding the Pink Wave: The Growing Trend of Women’s Sports Consumption

2023-08-10 01:18:15 Recently, a movie called “Barbie” was released in my country, which once again aroused people’s attention to “her consumption”. This pink trend has extended beyond theaters. Merchants are seizing the business opportunity of pink, and the related sports products and activities launched are sought after, which makes people see the huge potential of … Read more

Universiade Men’s Basketball: China vs. Taiwan – Shocking Reversals, Historic Victories, and Shameful Crashes

2023-08-01 14:41:00 Universiade Men’s Basketball” Hurricane 26 points to win against China feels unreal Gao Jinwei never thought of shame free timesChengdu World Universiade/It was reversed by the Taiwan men’s basketball team again!Chinese Netizens Crash “Shameful Crash” Recalling the Massacre 10 Years Ago Yahoo Kimo NewsThe Chinese men’s basketball team reversed the Chinese replica tragedy! … Read more

Animal Welfare Center in Barranquilla: Transforming the Lives of Stray Animals in the Caribbean

2023-07-20 01:42:45 Barranquilla has inaugurated the Animal Welfare Center (CBA), the first care center for stray animals in the Caribbean, which represents a first step for other administrations in the region to join animal protection. With an investment of close to 4,000 million pesos, this 3,100-square-meter facility is located in the township of Juan Mina, … Read more