Can Shandong Taishan Dominate Manila? AFC Champions League Match Preview

2023-09-18 13:51:00 Original title: AFC Champions League | Taishan’s “Mixed Legion”, can they dominate Manila tomorrow night? Time: September 19, 20:00 Match: Kaya FC VS Shandong Taishan Team Location: Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila, Philippines Live broadcast: Migu Video “The first game of the AFC Champions League group stage is very important. The Kaya team is … Read more

Cui Kangxi’s Goal Achieved: Shandong Taishan’s Triumph in AFC Champions League

2023-09-16 02:15:00 Original title: Cui Kangxi achieved his goal, 3 Towers played in the AFC Champions League and eliminated 1 player first, Xie Wen was able to surpass the 2 international Taishan team and did not let him go in 1 game Cui Kangxi’s goal was achieved, 3 towers played in the AFC Champions League … Read more

Official Announcement: Guangdong Team Signs 2 Foreign Players for New Season Championship

2023-09-05 05:06:00 Original title: Official announcement! What is the probability of the Guangdong team officially signing 2 foreign players to win the championship in the new season? As the start of the new CBA season is getting closer, who is the new foreign aid of the Guangdong team has also attracted the attention of many … Read more

Transforming Excavators into Efficient Demining Machines: Ukrainian Civil-Military Cooperation

2023-08-16 06:57:00 Ukrainian civil-military cooperation has transformed a standard excavator into an efficient demining machine. (video capture) [Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]The road of the Russian army’s counterattack was full of landmines. According to foreign media reports, nearly a year and a half after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, Ukraine has become the country with … Read more

Uni-President Lions: Filling in the Rotation Vacancy – Lin Ziwei and Jiang Chengyan as Candidates

2023-07-23 10:31:00 Lin Ziwei. (File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun) [Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Taoyuan Report]In response to Luo Ang’s finger injury, the Uni-President Lions will let local pitchers fill in the vacancy in the starting rotation before Xinyangtou arrives. Head coach Lin Yueping said that Lin Ziwei and Jiang Chengyan are both candidates. Lin Zhaoen, … Read more

“Beijing Shougang Coach Addresses Foreign Aid Adjustments in Playoff Match Against Liaoning”

2023-04-20 07:37:00 2023-04-20 15:37 source: Chinese basket lens Original title: Zhai Xiaochuan bluntly said that he will compete with Liaoning for two points Shougang coach: foreign aid abnormalities have been adjusted Beijing time on April 20th news, the CBA playoffs 8 to 4 match continued today, holding a victory, the defending champion Liaoning men’s basketball … Read more