Title: “Protest at Delhaize Supply Depot: Impact, Store Blockades, and Worker Demands Revealed [Video Coverage]”

2023-09-16 11:02:52 On the CNE side, we are pleased to have prevented Delhaize trucks from leaving the Zellik depot for five hours, during the night from Friday to Saturday. “The impact of this action was limited and does not pose any problem on the supply of our stores,” says the company spokesperson. of videos “A … Read more

Cui Kangxi’s Goal Achieved: Shandong Taishan’s Triumph in AFC Champions League

2023-09-16 02:15:00 Original title: Cui Kangxi achieved his goal, 3 Towers played in the AFC Champions League and eliminated 1 player first, Xie Wen was able to surpass the 2 international Taishan team and did not let him go in 1 game Cui Kangxi’s goal was achieved, 3 towers played in the AFC Champions League … Read more

Taiwanese Team Fights for Silver in Babe Ruth Little League Championship

2023-08-13 02:41:00 In the U.S. Babe Ruth Little League championship game, the Taiwanese team fought to win the silver by one point. (Photo provided by Penglai Elementary School) [Reporter Jiang Zhixiong/Yilan Report]The Babe Ruth World Little League Championships in the United States entered the championship game at 5:30 this morning Taiwan time. In the fourth … Read more

Japanese Ham Player Wang Bairong Shines in Second Army, Working Towards First Team Promotion

2023-08-06 06:31:00 Wang Bairong. (File photo, photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu) [Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]Explosion! Japanese ham “Taiwan King” Wang Borong is now in the second army, and the seventh blast of this season has been released, and he continues to work hard to return to the first army. After Wang Bairong has been promoted from … Read more

[오늘의 유통가] Coupang, ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5 · Z Fold 5’ pre-registration, etc.

2023-08-01 02:17:21 [딜사이트 유범종, 박성민, 이수빈, 이소영, 이호정 기자] Coupang announced on the 1st that it will sell Samsung Electronics’ next-generation foldable phones ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5′ in advance until the 7th of this month. The newly released Galaxy Z series is Samsung Electronics’ 5th generation foldable phone, boasting the … Read more